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The Urban Suburban Composter


This little gem of a book is perfect for the beginner to the master composter! Whether we live in an apartment or out in the country composting is the best way we can keep our soil healthy and recycle all sorts of debris. This book tells us how and covers subjects like:

  • Appropriate type of compost bin
  • Where to buy or build your own bin with complete drawings and instructions.
  • What ingredients are best for composting
  • Keeping critters and bugs out of it
  • Vermicomposting (worm): extensive coverage
  • Compost tea
  • Trouble shooting guide if you are having problems

It is enjoyable to read, easy to understand and will become a valuable addition to your book collection. We highly recommend this book.

Authors: Mark Cullen a leading garden expert dispensing advice via television, radio and newspaper columns.

Lorraine Johnson a writer, researcher and publisher.

Published: 1992 - St. Martin's Press - Paperback - 172 pages



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This is by far the most comprehensive book on composting that we have ever seen for a very reasonable price.

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