How Much Roundup Are You Willing to Eat With Your Dinner?

Tell the EPA: Do Not Raise Tolerance Levels on Roundup!


Do you ever eat carrots, sweet potatoes, flax or sunflower seeds?

Most of us think of these foods as a nutritious part of our diet, providing us with the vitamins we need to stay healthy. But the EPA is considering a rule that would change that, by raising the amount of Roundup chemical residue that's allowed on many vegetables and seeds that we eat every day. Tell the EPA that you don't want to be exposed to more chemicals on your food!

Monsanto's ubiquitous weed killer, Roundup, has been sprayed on farms across America for decades. Now, 14 varieties of Roundup-resistant "superweeds" exist, creating enormous hassle for struggling farmers. To combat the superweeds, Monsanto wants farmers to buy and spray even more Roundup on their crops, perpetuating an endless cycle of toxic chemical overuse. To make matters worse, they are pressuring the EPA to change the rules and allow for more chemical residue on the vegetables we eat.

Demand that the EPA protect our health by not raising the amount of Monsanto's Roundup chemical that's allowed on carrots, sweet potatoes, flax and sunflower seeds.

When you take action to protect your food, it works! Activists like you recently flooded the USDA with 400,000 comments against "agent orange" corn, and the agency agreed to conduct an environmental impact statement to examine this product's health effects. Now, we need to sound the alarms again, telling the EPA not to allow more pesticides on our food. Submit your public comment today to protect your health!

Take action today for your health and the environment:

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Jill Pape Online Organizer Food & Water Watch