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Pesticide and Environmental Update

Current issues:

11/17/15 The Chemical Cartel
10/04/15 Truth or Consequences GMO Food Labels
07/10/15 Toxic Legacy of DDT Continues
01/12/15 How the Great Food War Will Be Won


Archive of Past Issues Going Back to 1998 

  12/10/14 Lawmakers Wary of GMO Food Labels
  11/04/14 Monsanto to Keep Selling Pesticide-Coated Seeds
EPA Says Don't Help Yields ― And May Harm Bees
  09/01/14 Hillary Clinton is Just Plain Wrong on GMOs
  05/10/14 A Heavy Duty Kick in the Butt to Monsanto!
  04/12/14 Aspirin-Like Compound Primes Plant Defense Against Pathogens
  02/10/14 In the Field, the Right Flower Arrangement Can Improve Organic Pest Control
  12/20/13 Plant Natural Defenses and Intelligence
  11/21/13 Fungus May Offer Natural Weed Control
  11/16/13 Bread Fruit Repels Mosquitoes!
  08/28/13 Diet Coke Fights Obesity?
  08/14/13 House Subcommittee Begins Work on GMO Labeling Bill
  07/30/13 Safeway, Starbucks and Target: Stop Bankrolling Anti-GMO Food Labeling Efforts!
  07/02/13 Oregon Senate Passes HB 2427 to Ban Canola Production in Willamette Valley Until 2019
  06/28/13 How Much Roundup Are You Willing to Eat With Your Dinner?
05/30/13 Amber Waves of Genetically Engineered Grain?
05/30/13 71 Senators Reject States’ Rights to Label GMOs
04/06/13 House Fly Virus Stops Flies from Reproducing
04/01/13 Study Shows: Organic Tomatoes More Nutritious
03/27/13 Seafood Fraud puts Families and the Oceans at Risk
12/31/12 Manure Mends Mine-Damaged Soils
12/05/12 Are Plastic Toys Harmful to Pets?
10/19/12 Trapping Weevils and Saving Monarchs
07/27/12 Tighter Rules for Brain Toxicant
12/24/11 The Bugs that are Eating Monsanto
02/08/11 Advancing Biocrop Alternatives in the Pacific Northwest
10/03/11 Make Your Voice Heard: GE Food Labeling
10/03/11 RoundUp Hurts Crops it’s "Supposed to Help"
08/03/11 Monsanto Nation: Taking Down Goliath
07/16/11 Researchers Study Pesticide Pathways into the Atmosphere
04/29/11 BIG NEWS: Bio-controls to Contain Emerald Ash Borer
03/04/11 Heirloom Tangerine Tomatoes Top Reds
11/11/10 Geraniums, Begonias and Japanese Beetles
10/03/10 Haitians Burn Monsanto Seeds
08/07/10 Scientists Develop Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Potting Medium
08//05/10 Bee Pastures May Help Pollinators Prosper
06/05/10 Toxic America
02/21/10 Canada ends "weed-n-feed" Products
01/22/10 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Compost
01/09/10 Challenging Weed Meets its Match in Field Trials
10/31/09 Agent Orange VA Disability Benefits Expand
09/09/09 From Chicken Feathers to Flower Pots
09/09/09 Fish-Killing Toxin Could Kill Cancer Cells
09/04/09 Recycling Food Scraps into Gardens
07/05/09 New Bait Lures Varroa Mite to its Doom
07/05/09 Agent Orange: The Persistent Ghost from the Vietnam War
07/05/09 Fire Ant Outcompetes Other Species
04/18/09 Bees: Victims of Big Agriculture?
02/09/09 USDA Gives Approval to new Pesticide-Promoting GE Corn
02/07/09 Floating Vegetative Mats May Help Clean Fishery Wastewater
01/23/09 Gauging Plant Thirst to Prevent Water Waste
12/16/08 Mustard Meal to Tame Weeds?
12/16/08 Berry Compound Reduces Aging Effect
11/27/08 Organically Grown Pecans Show Significantly Higher Yields vs Conventionally Grown!
10/29/08 Farm Waste for Fuel
10/26/09 Antioxidant Effects from Eating Almonds
09/15/08 Silent Streams?
08/30/08 Chronic Lead Poisoning from Urban Soils
08/30/08 The Right Earthworms may Help Home Septic Systems
07/24/08 Garden Microbe Foils Pathogen
07/17/08 Plant Extracts To Conquer Microbes
06/15/08 GMOS and the Global Food Crisis
05/30/08 Pollinators as Preservationists
04/10/08 Controlling Sudden Oak Death
03/20/08 Beneficial Plant Chemicals Studied for Cancer Treatments
03/09/08 Nimble Nematodes for Peach Pests
01/31/08 What is Biodynamic Farming?
01/15/08 Flying Roaches may aid Farmers!
12/08/07 States sue EPA over Toxic Release Inventory Downgrade
11/30/07 Orange-Fleshed Honeydews Evaluated
11/16/07 Reducing Feedlot Runoff A Low-Cost, Low-Tech Way To Manage Manure
11/16/07 Skinny" Peach Trees Are Space Savers
10/14/07 Benefits of Crushed Garlic
08/18/07 A Pepper for Every Pot
07/29/07 Bee Disease Spread Examined
07/20/07 Possible New Control for Whiteflies Discovered
07/06/07 Catnip "Cologne" Attracts Good Bugs
03/24/07 GM Potatoes are "unfit for human consumption"
02/23/07 Seed Giants Want to Ban Farm-Saved Seed
02/13/07 Using Plants to Clean Up Soil
02/12/07 Old-Time Mosquito Remedy May Work Against Ticks, Too
01/01/07 Barnyard Deodorant
12/29/06 UV Protection with Chocolate
11/13/06 Seed-Rotting Microbes Sought to Battle Weeds
11/06/06 Scientific Queries on Health Hazards of GE Foods 
10/14/06 Eggplant's Flea Beetle "Calling Card" is Read
09/29/06 How much Water is Needed for a Perfect Pepper Plant?
09/14/06 Pregnant Women Contaminated by Pesticides
09/03/06 Genetically Engineered Crops may Cause Human Disease
07/04/06 Campaign to Test Natural Foods & Supplements for GMO Contamination
04/06/06 Alternate Methods of Whitefly Control
03/14/06 Herbs May Fight Spud Blight
02/05/06 A Granddad’s Advice May Help Thwart Mosquitoes
12/16/05 It's Thyme for Help With Manure
12/03/05 Biobased Plastic Flexes Its Muscle
10/18/05 Special Line of Bees Sniffs Out Varroa Mite
08/29/05 The Failure of the first GM Foods
05/29/05 Plant Extracts Kill Termites
04/25/05 Refuse to Use Lawn Chemicals
03/26/05 Bacterium Tapped To Battle Fire Blight Disease in Tree Fruit
02/12/05 Citrus Compound: Ready To Help Your Body!
12/01/04 Fungus Found To Attack Varroa Mites
10/14/04 Mustard for Pest Control, Not for Your Sandwich
07/31/04 Tomato Mulch Method Changes Tomato's Gene Activity
07/29/04 Organic Fertilizers and Mycorrhizae
03/30/04 Fungus, Corn Plants Team Up To Stymie Borer Pest
03/19/04 Wasps, Roses Team up Against Bad Bugs
02/29/04 Late Lessons Learned From Pressure Treated Wood- Part 2 
09/06/03 New Findings on How Mulch Color Can Affect Food Plants
05/16/03 More Exposed to Agent Orange
04/05/03 Zapping Insects With Radio Waves
02/12/03 Hot on the Trail of Fire Ants
01/26/03 Vitamin C Protects Stressed Out Plants
12/24/02 GM expert warns of cancer risk from crops
08/19/02 Honey Boosts Effectiveness of Parasitic Wasps
07/23/02 Give Those Snails and Slugs Some Java!
05/20/02 Wasps to the Rescue!
05/07/02 Amazing: LED Trap for Whiteflies!
04/16/02 Vinegar as an Herbicide?
03/23/02 Soil Microbes Like Organic Fertilizer
03/15/02 Mint can Purge Potato Pest
11/06/01 Watch Out, Invasive Weeds - These Fungi Are Killers!
09/04/01 Mint Could Lead to Environmentally Friendly Fumigant
08/24/01 Dioxin Contamination in Vietnam
05/19/01 Pesticides, Cleansers, Dioxins etc. and Breast Cancer
05/09/01 Scientists Fear Biotech will Harm Food Supply
12/16/00 Herbicides and Echoes of Vietnam
12/04/00 Zeolite Technique Speeds Pesticide Decomposition In Water
11/09/00 Fluoride and Organophosphates
07/24/00 Biotech Fact Sheet
06/23/00 Mainstream Organics vs GE Foods
02/13/00 Bad Chemistry at EPA
12/24/99 GM Foods: Chew on this
10/28/99 Glyphosate May Harm Beneficial Mites and Parasites
09/21/99 Is Roundup Killing More Than the Weeds?
09/10/99 Seed Industry Giants: Who Owns Whom?
06/14/99 U.S. Town Uses Hot Water to Control Weeds
08/20/98 What is Wrong With the EPA? by William Sanjour
04/98 Solvents: All-Purpose Poisons
04/10/98 Cancer Threat From Glyphosate

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