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Roses and Golden Harvest

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Roses of all types respond very well to Golden Harvest Fertilizer. They remain free of leaf spot or any other diseases which plague rose growers. These are grown in clay soil that has been amended with organic compost over the years. Beneficial insects do a lot of the work for us as the roses are grown among herbs, perennials, annuals, vegetables...whatever we stick in with them. In no way do we properly grow roses but certainly enjoy watching them flourish in our "crazy quilt" landscape.

TClown.jpg (3802 bytes)

YPink.jpg (5227 bytes)

ToyClown.gif (25476 bytes)

RedRose.jpg (3965 bytes)

These miniature roses to the left and across the top are in their third bloom period for the season.

On the right is a bloom from "Josephs Coat" a superior climbing rose with no two flowers being similarly colored.

JCoatCL.jpg (3981 bytes)

   YRose.jpg (7061 bytes)

This is a miniature rose "Golden Showers" which is about 8 years old. Picture was taken on July 2, 1998. Notice the well formed flower and the healthy foliage with no indication of  black spot or any problems. Again all it gets is Golden Harvest Fertilizer, water and pruning...nothing else. There are occasional problems with aphids in early spring which are simply knocked off with a blast of water from the hose. They fall to the ground, dry up and die.

 PepMint.jpg (4375 bytes)

Peppermint Stick: a lovely patented hybrid.   Note the clear definition of the colors. Very showy! The roses you see here are not bothered by thrips, slugs or most any other insects. The key is partly due to the fertilizer and ecologically balanced landscape where no pesticides or any chemicals are used.

 Antique.jpg (5678 bytes)

This rose was one of those number 2 grade bargain roses. The name is "Antique." It is 3 years old and has done quite well here in zone 5. Blooms profusely all season.

  Blaze.jpg (12668 bytes)

Here we have a 17 year old "Blaze" climbing rose. It continually puts on a show year after year with no problems. This picture was taken on June 10, 1998. Our roses are fertilized every 3 weeks or so with Golden Harvest beginning when the new growth is about 3 to 4 inches high.

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