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African Violets

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SunnyDec.jpg (3610 bytes)All the violets pictured here are from our own collection. They are in good health and well proportioned with nice, flat platters. Some are 2 years old  or more. We use a "standard" potting mix of : 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 vermiculite and 1/3 perlite. The plants are in plastic pots. We use Golden Harvest, which has an NPK of: 11.5-3.25-4.0,  as a soil application every 2 weeks The dilution is 1/4 teaspoon GH per quart of water. You then water your violets as usual. Don't let the NPK of GH mislead you: remember GH is a very different technology in fertilizer and as you can see works beautifully for these African violets. And you can use GH for just about all your gardening needs indoors and out!

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Here are a few comments from some of our Golden Harvest customers:

I thought I would let you know that I LOVE this stuff!!!!!!! My plants have perked up CONSIDERABLY and I've used this on some of my customer's flowerbeds, as well. WOW!!!!!!!! The plants have noticeably gained strength & vigor, and the ones that were a bit pale have really greened up. My African violets are now thriving...thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I can't WAIT to use this on my tomatoes. This is a great product.
Delicia Thayer- Katy, TX

Golden harvest really works! It helps plants recover from rough conditions. My African violets are blooming profusely and have never had better color! This stuff makes anything grow. I would like to order more.
Kirsten Duff- Organic Gardener- Naperville, IL

SaturnV.jpg (3844 bytes)

Rhonda.jpg (3875 bytes)

We have had superior performance by foliar feeding all these beauties every 10-14 days. They have excellent flower color and vigorous foliage.

SBFeb.jpg (6011 bytes)

Yellowstone2.jpg (5312 bytes)

Lunar.jpg (3110 bytes)

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