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   Leaf8.wmf (1752 bytes)NOTE: The following testimonies were offered as an endorsement of  Golden Harvest Natural Fertilizer and were in no way solicited.

  • Golden Harvest saves me all the time I had been spending experimenting with combinations of fish extracts etc. Golden harvest really works! It helps plants recover from rough conditions. My African violets are blooming profusely. This stuff makes anything grow. I would like to order more.
    Kirsten Duff- Organic Gardener- Naperville, IL

Leaf8.wmf (1752 bytes)"I have used Golden Harvest for the last two seasons and was amazed at how well my vegetables, flowers and small fruits grew and produced.  The plants were incredibly robust and healthy. My house plants did better than ever with Golden Harvest. I look forward to the same great results for this season. Golden Harvest helps me to get the best out of a short growing season in this arid, windy climate.
In my opinion this is a great product, that is safe and beneficial to the environment."
Pam Schlegel- Organic Gardener
Pam's Pest Control Service- Fort Collins, CO

  • "I have been using Golden Harvest fertilizer for some time with excellent results. I have loved gardening for many years and I know what to look for when trying a new product.
    I can tell you my garden had never looked better. The flowers had more color intensity, were healthier, and had produced beautifully in this harsh climate. The high quality of the ingredients make trace elements available to the plants that we just cannot get from the soil here. Another plus with this fertilizer is that it is easy to use and store.
    I highly recommend Golden Harvest fertilizer to anyone who enjoys gardening! You will see the difference."
    Sandy Brewer- Member- Loveland Garden Club
    Loveland, CO

Leaf7.wmf (1330 bytes)"I started using Golden Harvest last spring and had great results with my roses, perennials, and annuals. In particular my hostas have always been plagued by slugs and flea beetles. I sprayed them twice with Golden Harvest, they were beautiful and had no problems. So far my roses are doing excellent, blooming like crazy, and no signs of leaf spot, insects, or iron deficiency!
I recommend Golden Harvest fertilizer to anyone that enjoys the challenge of gardening in Colorado!"
Liana Turner- Professional Gardener
Greeley, CO

  • "I was amazed when I transplanted some Sweet Peas during the heat of the day, the dirt completely fell off the roots, I sprayed some Golden Harvest into the transplant holes and sprayed the plant foliage afterwards. They did not wilt or go into shock the slightest bit.
    All my perennials looked fantastic with almost no insect problems."
    Joan Busch- Awarded the Dushek Trophy for excellence in floral design.
    Loveland Garden Club, Loveland, CO

Leaf8.wmf (1752 bytes)" In addition to flower gardening and houseplants I have developed a strong interest in Bonsai the past 2 years. Repotting my sensitive Bonsai usually met with disaster, as did some of my cuttings. Even using the 'pricey hormone' powder! Since using Golden Harvest I am truly amazed with the overall health, color and increased fragrance of my roses, alyssum, impatiens and dianthus. No plant diseases of any kind this year. I didn't have the expense of 'Slug-Pellets' or Diatomaceous Earth for slugs this year that always would seek out my Hostas. No black spot disease on my roses!
And a real bonus for this amateur gardener and 'newbie' to Bonsai is absolutely no transplant shock, even with my Serissa Fotida. I am actually saving money using Golden Harvest!
Golden Harvest is truly deserving of all the accolades..and the price."
Jim Warren-  Amateur Gardener-
Columbus, OH

Leaf7.wmf (1330 bytes)"I set my seedlings out in the garden early one spring. I sprayed them all with Golden Harvest during the transplanting. Several days later the temperature fell to 28 degrees. The tender seedlings all survived to my amazement. I might add that I made no attempt to cover or protect them.
My garden produces far better than I have ever experienced with this fertilizer. The vegetables have an excellent flavor too!"
Donna Ness- Home Gardener
Scottsbluff, NB

  • "I was astonished at how much better our garden developed with Golden Harvest fertilizer inspite of the adverse growing conditions we experience in the front range area! My peppers and tomatoes weren't healthy or fruiting until we started using the fertilizer on them, then they really took off.
    It's reassuring not to have to worry about a product being harmful to my children or our pets."
    Kelly K. Thomas- Avid Gardener
    Fort Collins, CO

Leaf8.wmf (1752 bytes)"After doing extensive repair work on many trees damaged from an early fall snowstorm in September 1995 and treating them with Golden Harvest the next spring we have observed that the new growth and recovery of these trees has been remarkable.
Fruit trees seem to get a tremendous benefit from this fertilizer when applied as a regular program. Older fruit trees regain some of their fruiting capabilities.
Of course there is no substitute for proper tree pruning and care."
J. Stefek- Arborist
Larimer County, CO



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