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Golden Harvest saves me all the time I had been spending experimenting with combinations of fish extracts etc. Golden harvest really works! It helps plants recover from rough conditions. My African violets are blooming profusely. This stuff makes anything grow. I would like to order more.
Kirsten Duff- Organic Gardener- Naperville, IL

"I have been using Golden Harvest fertilizer for some time with excellent results. I have loved gardening for many years and I know what to look for when trying a new product.
I can tell you my garden had never looked better. The flowers had more color intensity, were healthier, and had produced beautifully in this harsh climate. The high quality of the ingredients make trace elements available to the plants that we just cannot get from the soil here. Another plus with this fertilizer is that it is easy to use and store.
I highly recommend Golden Harvest fertilizer to anyone who enjoys gardening! You will see the difference."
Sandy Brewer- Member- Loveland Garden Club
Loveland, CO

"This is the first year I've used GH Fertilizer through the entire growing season on my roses. And I must say, this is the BEST fertilizer I've seen. GH Fertilizer was applied once monthly using a siphonex system (similar to a hose-end sprayer). Not only did my bushes produce luscious growth, but I had many more blooms this year than previous years. Another benefit that I saw was reduced fungicide spraying. I reduced fungicide spraying from 7 to 10 day intervals to once every three weeks. GH Fertilizer cut my fungicide application cost in half, not to mention the time saved. Another great gardening recipe - make some alfalfa tea and dissolve the GH Fertilizer with the alfalfa tea and apply with hose-end sprayer. Your neighbors will think you have cows on your property from the smell, but the results are overwhelming."
Cliff St John- Memphis- TN

"I thought I would let you know that I LOVE this stuff! My plants have perked up CONSIDERABLY and I've used this on some of my customer's flowerbeds, as well. WOW! The plants have noticeably gained strength & vigor, and the ones that were a bit pale have really greened up. My African violets are now thriving...thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't WAIT to use this on my tomatoes .....This is a great product."
Delicia Thayer- Katy, TX

This stuff is amazing! Our garden exploded and our tomatoes and peppers are huge! I'd recommend it to anyone!
Jessica Baraga- Organic Gardener- Fairmont, MN

All purpose: Annuals, perennials, trees, fruit, houseplants, vegetables, lawns, seed starting, roses, African violets, bonsai and tropical plants!

Great for nursery production, home gardening, landscape maintenance, greenhouse production, organic farms, small fruit growers and orchards.

One gallon of mix covers 800 square feet

One 6 oz bag will make 36 gallons of fertilizer
One 6 oz bag will cover a total of 28,800 square feet.
6 oz bag: $ 9.95

One 16 oz bag makes 96 gallons of fertilizer
One 1 lb bag covers 76,800 square feet.
16 oz bag: $ 23.95

Comes with complete, easy to follow instruction booklet

What Golden Harvest is made from and what do the ingredients do?

  • Yucca extract that truly help plants withstand heat, drought and stress. Yucca also works as a surfactant or spreader-sticker which helps the fertilizer adhere to the plants for optimum absorption.

  • Seaweed powder (article): the finest grade of cold-processed  providing a multitude of trace minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. It also supplies microbial stimulation of the soil, and helps plants to grow strong root systems. Seaweed may repel aphids and can lessen the chance of viral wilts and nematodes in the soil. Seaweed improves cold tolerance in plants via displacing the water content in the foliage with minerals thus reducing the chance of frost damage to emerging growth. The natural growth regulator effects of seaweed, specifically polyamino compounds also play a role in cold resistance. Seaweed as a plant supplement treatment has consistently proved to be the BEST for doing this.

  • Alfalfa for soil improvement and humic acid content. Alfalfa is an excellent soil additive for alkaline soils! It also is a source of many important minerals. Alfalfa contains triconatol, which promotes plant growth.

  • Comfrey contains minerals including potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus along with vitamins A, C, and B-12. Powdered comfrey leaves enrich the soil making these elements available to your plants. It works synergistically with the other ingredients.

  • Humic Acid which is great for soil improvement, root growth and foliage! 

  • Equisetum (horsetail) for disease resistance and enhanced light absorption.

  • Ascorbic acid for enhancing disease and pest resistance.

  • Yarrow for its outstanding fertilizing and insect repellant properties.

  • Pure cane sugar an excellent source of trace minerals.

  • Powdered Hydrolized Fishmeal: a good supplier of nutrients and trace elements. This fishmeal is a by-product from sustainability harvested fish and not from fish harvested only for fertilizer.

  • Contains no synthetic growth hormones! Completely natural and safe to use.

  • The combination of seaweed and fish powder together is effective at preventing many fungal diseases from ever developing. It is a known fact that fish emulsion on its' own can promote the conditions which encourage fungal spores to grow.

Ms. E. Duras of New Jersery writes:
When I first ordered Golden Harvest I read a testimonial on your webpage regarding evergreens (someone had theirs ~over~pruned). Mine were hit by 2 awful ice storms last winter and most were badly damaged, they really looked hopeless. They've all bounced back with applications to the drip line and now I will do the foiliage applications with this next shipment. They should be ready for winter soon! I am extremely pleased! Additionally my birch and sand cherry trees are benefiting as well. Thanks!

Order Page:

Read about how GH helped to save some evergreen trees.

Golden Harvest is a well balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, trace minerals and micronutrients allowing your plants to take what they need for optimum growth and productivity.

Guaranteed Analysis

Nitrogen (N)- 4.25%
Phosphate (P205)- 5.25%
Potash (K20)- 3.0%
Iron (FE)- 2.0%

 The complex elements of Golden Harvest Fertilizer has proven
to help plants resist many insects and diseases.

Examples: Spider mites, aphids, whiteflies, slugs and others.
Mildews, botrytis, anthracnose, leaf spot and other diseases.

Golden Harvest also improves plant stress and drought tolerance. This is an important benefit in the often harsh climates we garden in around the country. Repeated use on lawns, perennials, shrubs and trees have long term benefits in their overall health.

What Golden Harvest Natural Fertilizer can do for you, your plants & soil:

  • Beautiful, healthy, colorful plants. Better flower & fruit production

  • Fallbounty.jpg (5883 bytes)Use as a seed soak for improved, faster germination & to feed seedlings for optimum growth.

  • Helps plants become more resistant to disease & insects. Wonderful for your roses, trees & shrubs which show a marked decrease in leaf spot diseases.

  • Helps plants to recover from damage by the weather, animals, mechanical injury etc. We have noted excellent recovery of plants with even severe damage.

  • Improved plant drought & stress tolerance.

  • Feeds plants and soil! Long term soil conditioners & microbial activators, the effects for plants and soil are cumulative.

  • No salt build up... especially important if you have clay soils.

  • Use for compost activator! Just spray on the compost pile to help stimulate the natural decomposition of materials.

  • Great for shorter growing seasons- helps you get the most from your efforts.

  • Very safe and easy to use! All you do is mix the powder with water and apply
    with a tank sprayer, watering can or a hose end sprayer. 

  • Earth, people, and critter friendly in every way! Once diluted to application strength animals are not attracted to the odor. The concentrated powder is best stored away from cats and dogs as they are attracted to the fish smell. However it is in no way harmful to them.

See what Golden Harvest Fertilizer does for:

Where and how to use GH?
Use on vegetables, flowers, shrubs, fruit trees, lawns, shade & ornamental trees, houseplants, seedlings and compost. It comes as a wettable powder and is easy to mix and apply. You apply as a foliar spray and soil drench. Will store indefinitely. It will not burn plants, stain wood or concrete. Safe to use during hot, dry weather. Just apply in the morning or evening and watch your plants perk up!

Order Page:

Many satisfied customers have volunteered their testimonies, please
take a look at them. This product is not available anywhere else.


Golden Harvest Natural Fertilizer"
"It speaks for itself"
Proudly Made in the USA

All your landscape plantings: trees, shrubs, perennials, fruits, flower
and vegetable gardens are valuable investments. Protect your investment and give
them the best care with Golden Harvest Natural Fertilizer.

Attention Certified Organic Growers:
Golden Harvest Fertilizer comes with a label that lists all of it's ingredients.
It has no fillers, inert ingredients or ANY GMO's. It is all natural and every ingredient has a purpose. It can and does pass organic certifying agency's standards with no problem.

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