Enter Tiger Tom!

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August 20: The results are in Tiger Tom is a wonderful tomato. Incredible taste, nothing bland about it!
Here is a ripe Tom you can see where it gets its' name by the yellow stripes on the orange flesh. Average weight is 6 ounces. The description of juicy, sharp and sweet describes the taste perfectly. This is one of the reasons to avidly bring back heirloom varieties. You won't find a taste like this anywhere. Tom was also quite resistant to blight, other tomato
diseases and insects. Still producing quite nicely too!
The lower picture shows the unique markings developing on a green tom in front of a mature one ready to eat.
June 10: Below is Tiger Tom in June growing strong with lots of blossoms and some small fruits. Regular applications of Golden Harvest are producing a very healthy plant! July 1: Below Tom is back in the greenhouse with some good size fruits coming on. Right now it is in a 3 gallon pot. Tiger Toms are also in the garden. They are doing very well despite an invasion of flea beetles. No chemicals have been used on any of them, inside or out.

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Prior to planting we soaked these tomato seeds in a Golden Harvest and water solution for about 24 hours. These are heirloom tomato seeds and currently not available to the public. 
Variety: Tiger Tom
We then let the seeds dry thoroughly. They were planted on last Tuesday March 17. This picture was taken on Saturday March 21. How about that...5 days to germination! It is kind of a pain to soak seeds. However as you can see it is worth the effort!
Of 10 seeds that were planted all came up!

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Here are the same seedlings just transplanted on April 20. They have an excellent root structure, foliage and color. During transplanting the roots  and foliage were sprayed with Golden Harvest Fertilizer. There was no transplant shock.

They are about 6 inches tall and looking good.





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