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We have been growing heirloom tomatoes for over 25 years and have some "new" rare varieties to offer you for 2015. We PKingSeed.jpg (2989 bytes) want these varieties to live on and we are offering as many seeds as we can of each one. Seeds come in ziplock pouch with specific instructions on growing, variety and some background on origin. You can reuse the bag for your future seeds. If you are ordering early we suggest you store your seeds in a dark spot refrigerator until you are ready to plant them. This is the best way for the home grower to store tomato, vegetable and herb seeds.

The plants the seeds come from were organically grown during the 2014 season. By organically grown we mean: only natural fertilizer is used, our soil is amended with our own plant based organic compost. If needed we use only organically approved insect control. We take our tomatoes seriously at Golden Harvest Organics!

Take a look at our seed starting tips for some basic growing advice

  • Click on the name of variety to view pictures if available.

  • Each variety has 20 plus seeds per pack unless otherwise stated. When there's a bumper crop we add more seeds

  • Planting Dates for Southern Zones

Amish Paste: Medium, red, oxheart shape, 85 days. A heavy yielding variety with heart shaped, deep red-orange fruits. Originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania dating back to the 1900's. Amish Paste has a thick red flesh with few seeds and an intensely sweet and rich tomato flavor. Great for sauces, pastes, drying and fantastic for fresh eating. Produces well in both drought and wet conditions and as we found out this season (2009) it survived 7 hailstorms and is loaded with tomatoes! That is just plain amazing. Many growers consider Amish Paste to be the ultimate in sauce type tomato and we agree. 20 seeds per pack

WARNING: These tomatoes are addictive!

Amana Orange: Large, orange beefsteak, 80 - 85 days, indeterminate. Amana Orange produces large, slightly oblate, orange beefsteak fruits that are high in lycopene.  The taste is superior with a medium sweet yet full bodied tomato flavor. Its yields are moderate, yet the great taste and attractive fruit make it a natural for any garden. It's a great keeper and can last several weeks at room temperature when picked before full ripeness. A USA heirloom tomato that got it's name from the Amana Colonies of the state of  Iowa. 20 seeds per pack

Ananas Noire (French for Black Pineapple): Large multi-colored beefsteak, 80 days, indeterminate. Our 2014 crop from these were fantastic! Developed in Belgium by horticulturist Pascal Moreau. Fruits weigh an average of 1 1/2 lbs. The skin is a spectrum of colors with deep orange, green, a bit of yellow and splashes of pinkish red. The meat is olive to neon green with ribbons of vivid pink and white. Ananas has a taste that is as complex as it's colors. Sweet, fruity and rich, with a spicy tang and hint of smoky flavor. It's the fruity flavor that hits you first when you eat one and it ends with a delightful tomato taste. A little salt makes the flavors come alive even more so. This is one delightful "black" tomato. The plants will get large with high yields. Chosen in our 2008 taste test as the favorite for hamburgers, veggie burgers and sandwiches. 20 seeds per pack

Ararat Flamed: Medium, red with a hint of orange undertone, 65-70 days,  semi-determinate, very rare. Love at first bite with this one! The fruit is a beefsteak shape, with a flat bottom and has slight shoulder ribbing. Ararat Flamed is from Debrecen, Hungary with the possibility of originating in Armenia in the region of Mount Ararat. The name in German is Ararat Geflammte which translates to "Ararat Flamed." Our original seed came from a friend in the UK over 18 years ago. Bursting with juicy sweet, tangy flavor. One of the best fresh eating and salad tomatoes. A must have for any tomato grower. Superb for market growers too. 20 seeds at $1.99 per pack ***Limited Supplies***

Arkansas Traveler: (proper name is Traveler tomato): Medium, pink, indeterminate, 85-90 days.  A mildly sweet, exceptionally tasty, pink tomato. Very juicy with a thin skin. Developed by Dr. Joe McFerren and named after a folk song called the "Arkansas Traveler". This one can can be grown anywhere and will stand up to heat and humidity of the South, producing even when temperatures are in the triple digits! Excellent market tomato. 20 seeds per pack

Aunt Ruby's German Green: 80 days, Beefsteak, green, indeterminate. What a tomato! Bright green flesh with a slight pink blush at the blossom end when mature. Fruits weighing in at 1 pound or more. Spicy but sweet and juicy. A real treat for the palate and eyes. Aunt Ruby's performs quite well in high heat areas. 20 seeds per pack

Big Rainbow Tomato: 80-85 days, beefsteak, bi-color, indeterminate.  A spectacular large beefsteak with slight ribbing. Big Rainbow has an mottled orange and red exterior with brilliant colored gold and red meat. A low-acid, firm, meaty tomato. Packs a good old-fashioned tomato taste. Big Rainbow has vigorous vines and good disease resistance. 20 seeds per pack

Black Cherry: Small, indeterminate, 75 days. One of our biggest sellers! A dusky purple with brown coloring and nice clusters. What a delight this cherry tomato turned out to be! It is sweet yet has a touch of the rich flavor of the big black tomatoes. Very attractive fruit and perfect for salads and a fresh treat! You just have to try it. 20 Seeds per pack

Black From Tula: Beefsteak, indeterminate, 75-80 days. A rosy-brown  tomato with green shoulders that hails from Russia with good yields. It's Russian name is "Czerno Tulski Tomat". Fruits weigh in at 6-12 oz. We had a few reach 18 oz. The skin coloring extends into the fruit and is very attractive. A sweet, fruity, outstanding tasting tomato with a creamy texture and a bit of a salty, slightly smoky taste. It does exhibit a bit of shoulder cracking. Black From Tula will set fruit remarkably well even in hot weather. 20 seeds per pack

Black Krim: Beefsteak, 75-80 days. Deep reddish brown fruit with bright red meat and chartreuse green seeds- as delicious as it is beautiful. Robust, smoky, spicy flavor with a bit of saltiness. It's Russian name is "Czerno Krimski". It does tend to crack some but once you taste them you won't care! Harvesting note: Krims have the best taste when they are at the half green and still firm stage. This is when they should be harvested. Hails from the Isle of Krim in the Black Sea. Suitable for greenhouse growing too. 20 seeds per pack  

Black Plum: Sold out for 2105 Plum, indeterminate, rich reddish-brown, 78 to 80 days. Small plum tomatoes with a sweet, smooth and fruity flavor. These are the kind that you love to pop in your mouth when you are working in the garden and are superb for salads too. Big six foot plus vines with loads of fruit! 20 seeds per pack

            Wonderful flavors! Promote biodiversity!

Black Russian:  Medium, round, black, indeterminate. 69-75 days. This an old Russian heirloom and not to be confused with "Russian Black" which is a beefsteak variety. Little disease problems and the fruits are almost blemish free. Heavy producer and early! Dark mahogany-brown tomatoes that average about 4 oz. Black Russian is a must for black tomato fans and those who like a complex flavor in their tomatoes. 20 seeds per pack

Bonnie Best: 80 days, indeterminate, red, medium. Handsome flaming scarlet red tomatoes that have a slight flattened shape, grow in clusters of five or more and weigh 6-8 ounces. The fruit is firm (but no hard core) with few seeds making it an ideal candidate for fresh eating, canning, paste and drying. Superb old time flavor! Bonny Best was developed from Chalk's Early Jewel the early 1900s. Stokes started selling the seeds in 1908. Suitable for Northern growers and good choice for the South too. 20 seeds per pack

Brandywine Classic Pink: 90-100 days, indeterminate, large fruit.  This  classic Amish brandywine heirloom tomato dates back to 1885 and was named after the Brandywine Creek in Pennsylvania, where it was first grown. It is considered to be one of the finest flavored large tomatoes ever offered. Creamy texture, thin skin and wonderful brandywine flavor. Plants are potato leafed. Yields are good producing extra-large, firm, rosy pink fruits weighing from 12 ounces to 1-1/2 pounds. Performs quite well in high heat areas. 20 seeds per pack

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Brandywine Yellow: 90 days, indeterminate, large yellow-orange fruit. Another great tomato with large potato leaves that has both a beautiful smooth skin and slightly flattened shape. Fruits weigh from 12 to 24 ounces. The taste is rich, complex and creamy. A real winner! 20 seeds per pack

Caspian Pink: 80 days, semi-determinate, beefsteak, pink with curly leaves. A WINNER: Tied for 1st place with Snow White Cherry in our 2007 taste tests! Caspian Pink hails from Southern Russia and was discovered in Petoseed Company by an employee shortly after the cold war ended along the shores of the Caspian Sea. The fruit is a pinkish-red color weighing from 11 oz and up and is is oblate shaped. The fruits ripen from the bottom of the plant up. Pick when the top "shoulders" have turned pink. It has been called by many as "The Queen of Pinks". This wonderful tomato is meaty, succulent, juicy and ultra-sweet. This is one tomato that does not fall off the plant, you have to snip  them off. Caspian always passes our taste tests with flying colors! 20 seeds per pack

Ceylon, Rare: 70 days, indeterminate, miniature orange-red beefsteak. The 2014 season for Ceylon was incredibly productive. How about big tomato flavor in a tiny package? If you are a fan of that rich beefsteak flavor than Ceylon tomatoes are for you. The fruits are disc shaped, weigh from 1-3 ounces and look a bit like little pumpkins. The plants topped out around 5 feet for us and fruit set was incredible. The tomatoes started to ripen early and kept on trooping in the heat and right until the first frost. The flavor starts out with an juicy note of sweetness and ends with a clean assertive tomato flavor. We just fell in love with Ceylon tomatoes and had a hard time stopping everyone from snacking on them in the field! 20 seeds per pack

Cheetam's Potato Leaf: 70-75 days, medium size reddish pink tomato, indeterminate. Back by popular demand!  An old English heirloom-dating back to the thirties or forties. As the name implies this is a hardy potato leaf variety with the biggest leaves we have ever seen! It bears quite early and has heavy yields. Best picked when it is at peak ripeness which will be a darker red. Sweet and tangy with an excellent tomato taste. We wouldn't hesitate to grow Cheetam's again and neither will you once you have tried it. 20 seeds at 1.99 per pack

Cherokee Purple: 80 days, indeterminate, large. The 2014 Cherokee yields were awesome. The vines of Cherokee Purple is an heirloom possibly over 100 years old and was said to be grown by the Cherokee Indians. It bears up to 12 ounce globular to slightly oblate shaped fruits with a dusky rose-brownish coloring,  purple undertones, green shoulders and dark red flesh. Regular tomato leaves with fairly high production of tomatoes. It can have some concentric cracking. The taste is excellent and has been compared to Brandywine. It is sweet, with a rich somewhat smoky taste. Always tops at our taste tests year after year! Cherokee Purple performs quite well in high heat areas. Though it is an indeterminate the vines don't get out of control. The fruit must be eaten pretty quick when mature. 20 seeds per pack

Costoluto Fiorentino: 80 Days, heirloom, indeterminate. Nice size, slightly flattened, ribbed beef tomato from the Tuscany region. One of the most heat tolerant and productive varieties grown in a 2011 University of Georgia trial. Outstanding classic taste, meaty, juicy and ideal for slicing. One of the easiest larger tomatoes to grow with fruits averaging 8 oz. It will do very well in the greenhouse environment. Delicious raw, stuffed, roasted or cooked. Makes killer tomato sauces for your winter enjoyment and freezes well. 20 seeds per pack at $ 1.99

Currant Tomato, Sweet Pea: 65-70 days, indeterminate. The tiniest tomatoes- 1/4 inch! This tiny, pea-like heirloom is an abundant producer of hundreds of tasty ruby red tomatoes. The flavor is far more than one could expect in this teeny package- sweet, crisp and a bit tangy. It's seedlings start out small so you want to start them early. Sweet Pea grows in a low sprawling form spread so it can be grown in containers, large hanging baskets or trained on cages. Use them in salads, for snacking, on pizza, whole in salsas and soups. 20 seeds at $ 1.99 per pack

Currant Tomato Yellow:  (Lycopersicon pimpinellifolium) 70-75 days, indeterminate. What a treat! This is one of the most sweet tasting tiny tomato varieties grown. The fruits grow to 1/3 of an inch. A special South American species of tomato whose plants produce huge yields with heavy clusters of these delicious little fruits. Snack on them right off the plant, toss ‘em in soups and stews, use ‘em on pizzas. Dry them for "tomato raisins." Great companion to our Sweet Pea currant tomato. Plants can get huge so staking or caging is a must. The seeds are tiny. 20 seeds at $ 1.99 per pack

Emerald Evergreen: 72 days, indeterminate. Green ripening to stunning neon green, inside and out with pale yellow streaks. The fruits can get up to two pounds. The excitement surrounding this tomato is well earned. It is richly flavored, spicy with a delicate underlying tang, and sweet creamy solid flesh. Wonderful for frying when unripe, which increases its sugar content. When ripe it makes fantastic green salsa and is perfect for fresh eating. 20 seeds per pack

Eva Purple Ball: 78 days, indeterminate. Handsome heirloom with 5 oz round, deep pink tomatoes. Eva Purple Ball came from the Black Forest Region in Germany in the late 1800s by the Grandfather of Joseph Bratka of Elmwood Park, New Jersey. First commercial offering in the USA was in 1994 by SSE. Yields are prolific and the plants have very good resistance to foliar and fruit diseases making it a superior choice for every region especially hot humid areas. Definitely a wise choice for our customers in the South. While the fruits are crack resistant the skin is tender and they are juicy with that sweet tomato taste. All purpose- use them any way you want. You will not be disappointed! 20 seeds at 1.89 per pack

Glacier: 50 days, semi-determinate. Glacier originated in Sweden. Sets fruit well even in cold weather and very early in the season with flavorful, 2 to 3 oz. golf ball size orangey-red tomatoes. It can start flowering when only 4" high! Sweet yet rich full tomato flavor. Good choice for short seasons, coastal and redwood locations, as well as hot areas! Potato-leaved foliage. Glacier is said to set the standard for early, flavorful tomatoes and we agree. It is right up there taste-wise with our delicious and also early Moskvich tomato. With good disease resistance and abundant yields, this variety should be in the plans of every gardener especially the short season gardener. 20 seeds at 1.99 per pack

Golden Egg: 70 to 75 days, plum, indeterminate, rare. Rated Number 1 in our 2009 and 2010 taste tests!  Light, creamy yellow, exceptional 3-4 oz egg shaped fruits about the size of a large chicken egg. When you bite into a Golden Egg tomato it literally explodes with flavor! It's like a ray of sunshine rippling across your tongue. Huge crops- heavy bearing trusses. Meaty, and juicy with few seeds. The flavor is sweet, with a delicate yet rich tomato flavor and unlike any tomato you have ever tried. Use for drying, fresh, canning, salad etc. Golden Egg makes a lovely tomato soup or salsa. Anything you want to use Golden Egg for will simply sing with flavor! We will quote a dear friend and customer, Ms. Jana Clary of California. "I savored every bite, on a scale of 1-10, I would rate it a 15". Now that's hard to top but almost everyone in this seasons taste test picked Golden Egg as their top favorite! 20 seeds at 1.99 per pack

Golden Jubilee: 70-80 days, indeterminate. Golden Jubilee won the All America Selection in 1943. The fruit has a juicy yet firm texture with a nicely sweet and tangy flavor. It is delightful for fresh eating and makes a good salsa. It has few seeds and makes one of the best tasting tomato juice. The 2 1/2" to 3" golden tomatoes are produced on upright vines that can use staking or caging. The fruits will keep for longer periods of time after being picked than many other varieties. 20 seeds at 1.79 per pack

Golden Roma Italian: Sold out for 2105 70 days, determinate, rare, getting hard to find. Golden yellow plum shape, 1 1/2 x 3 inch fruit on compact determinate plants. Heavy producer and tomatoes have very few seeds. Sweet, meaty, delightful. It gets more of a light orange color to it when cooked. Wonderful for salads, salsa, canning, sauces, freezing and drying! One of our bestsellers. 20 seeds per pack.

Great White: Beefsteak, indeterminate, 85 days. Large beefsteak fruit weighing from 1 lb to 1 lb 4 ounces!  Fruits are sweet, juicy, low acid and have a terrific exotic melon like flavor. You will love it. Great White has very few seeds. Prolific harvests, healthy plants with dense foliage that protects against sunscald on fruit. This white tomato will have a pink hue at the blossom end when ripe. This is one you must try. It is delightful! 20 seeds per pack

Take a look at our seed starting tips for some interesting advice

Green Zebra: 78 days, medium round, indeterminate. These fruits are 3 ounce,  green and stippled with darker green stripes and an amber to yellow background color with emerald green meat when mature. What a surprise the wonderful Green Zebra is! They have an intense tomato flavor and are wonderfully sweet with a slightly tart undertone. They are practically immune to cracking. Green Zebra is the favorite of many heirloom growers. 20 seeds per pack

 Heinz 1439, Hybrid: 80 days, determinate. Note: we have been unable to verify if Heinz 1439 plants are hybrids or open-pollinated. We are calling them hybrids until we can get proof otherwise. Developed by Heinz for their ketchup, puree, and sauces. High yields of 6 oz bright red, smooth skin, slightly flattened globe shaped fruit. The plants grow about 3' high. Good resistance to disease (VFA) and cracking and splitting. Heinz slices beautifully, has a thick core and thin walls. The taste is very tangy with an intense rich tomato taste and a bit of a sweet undertone. Salting brings out the flavor even more. All in all we definitely like the taste and Heinz 1439 is perfectly suited for salads, bruschetta, sandwiches, salsas, sauces and, as you may have guessed, it's superb for canning. Although we prefer heirloom tomatoes we do recommend you give Heinz a try. 20 seeds per pack

Indigo Rose: 75 days, indeterminate, open-pollinated. Stunning Indigo Rose has 1-2.5 oz. tomatoes born on strong trusses with 6-8 fruit each. They are green as they develop and when ripe they are extremely dark purple looking almost black where the sun hits them and rosy red when they are shaded. Exceptionally high in anthocyanins. The meat is deep red and they do look like plums! The key with these is took pick them when they are fully ripe. At the point you will be rewarded their delicious tart and slightly sweet flavor with fruity undertones. The plants are prolific, vigorous and show good resistance to fungal diseases and blights. We were impressed with plant’s ability to stand up to all sorts of growing extremes. They keep quite well off the vine too! 20 seeds at $2.29 per pack

Japanese Black Trifele: 75 days, indeterminate, potato leafed. The Japanese Black Trifele tomato is from Russia! This rare tomato is unmistakable. There's nothing else like it. They are the size and shape of a Bartlett pear with purplish mahogany skin and green shoulders. Beautiful. These plants bear an incredible amount of fruit. They have an extraordinary, sublime rich taste. Unlike many other black varieties, the tomatoes are blemish free and not subject to cracking. However you want to use this tomato, fresh or cooked you will love it as much as we do. 20 seeds per pack

Kellogg’s Breakfast: 85 days, large beefsteak, indeterminate: A brilliant orange slicing tomato with a rich, tangy and sweet taste. It is thin-skinned and is not seedy with sturdy stems and branches but will need support. Kellogg’s is originally from West Virginia and kept going by Darrell Kellogg of Redford, Michigan. The oblate fruits can reach 4-5 inches across weighing an average one pound and get up to two pounds! They make delicious sauces and, of course are great for fresh eating. 20 seeds at $1.99 per pack

Manalucie: Sold out for 2105 Rare, 82 days, indeterminate, medium to dark red, globe shape. Developed by J.M. Walter in 1953 for the university of Florida. A major breeding achievement due to its multiple disease resistance and fruit quality. Plant produces good yields of flavorful 8 ounce, red, meaty, smooth globe shaped tomatoes. Plant has heavy foliage protecting the tomatoes from areas that have intense heat. Manalucie does well in many climates and is great for Southern growers as it will keep flowering and setting fruit when temperatures go above 90 degrees. 20 seeds per pack

Matts Wild Cherry: 70 days, red, indeterminate. This is one of the original tomatoes that are indigenous to and grow wild in the Hidalgo region of Mexico. Fabulous taste with the sweetness of a cherry tomato combined with a big tomato taste- way better than Sweet 100. We literally could not stop snacking on them when harvesting! The fruits average between 1/2 to 3/4" with amazing trusses loaded with 35 to 40 plus tomatoes! They are very prolific and keep producing until frost gets them. Vines can reach ten feet tall! 20 seeds per pack

Moskvich: Sold out for 2105 Rare, 60 days. Medium red fruit, 4-6 ounces, indeterminate. Originates from the Kaluga region in Western Russian. A somewhat flattened shape and no cracking. Moskvich is extra early but you would never know it from the taste! No kidding! You have heard of  chocolate recipes like "death by chocolate?" We are dubbing Moskvich "death by tomato!" Yes, it is that delicious. The plants are remarkably healthy, disease free with heavy yields. Cool weather does not stop this one! It has been a customer favorite for many years. 20 seeds per pack

Mule Team: Round, red, indeterminate. 75 to 80 days. The "workhorse" of tomatoes! 10 ounce fruits with a great rich tomato taste and a bit of a bite. Mule team is a heavy bearing, strong plant and doesn't slow down until frost gets it. Really holds up to stress, dry conditions and disease. Also grows extremely well in hot, humid areas!  Excellent for canning and fresh eating. 20 seeds per pack

Nebraska Wedding: 85 days, orange, oblate fruit, semi-determinate. 4-5 fruits per cluster on plants that grow around 36" in height but they have good yields so do need staking. Perfect tomato shape with glowing orange skin and golden flesh. The texture is meaty with a great juicy flavor being both sharp and sweet. Excellent for salads, fresh sauces and salsas. Wonderful with a vinaigrette dressing. Legend has it that Nebraska Wedding seeds were given to newly married couples to help them start their lives and farm together. Heirloom from Nebraska. 20 seeds per pack

Persimmon: 75 days, large beefsteak, golden-orange, indeterminate. First introduced in the mid-1880s. Sturdy 1-2 lb. fruits with slightly less than average production that is more than compensated by the taste, which is superfine! Glowing golden-yellow to orange color sometimes displaying green shoulders. The flavor is a bit salty, sweet with a creamy, meaty texture making a perfect tomato for sandwiches, burgers, Caprice salad, sauces, stews etc. Persimmon is not seedy at all. 20 seeds at 1.99 per pack

Peron Sprayless: Not Available for 2015 70 day, medium, red, indeterminate. First introduced to the US in 1951 by Gleckler's from Argentina. Heavy producer of sweet fruit with slightly tart undertones. The uniformly shaped red slicers average 6-8 ounces on 7 foot vines and are notably rich in vitamin C. Sounds good, but what about that name? We have found that Peron Sprayless is true to it's name as being one of the most disease resistant tomatoes and it has few problems with insects. It's not perfect but you will be impressed with it's vigor. Try it and watch it out perform the hybrids! 20 seeds per pack

Pineapple: 85 days. Red and yellow streaks, beefsteak, indeterminate. Pineapple tomatoes are big boys, we had some that weighed in at 2 lbs! They average 16-24 oz. Very distinct taste that is fruity, low-acid and sweet with a smooth, silky texture. Suitable for eating fresh, salads and salsa. A beautiful tomato. Good yields for a beefsteak with very sturdy vines. Another one of our top sellers! 20 seeds per pack

Pink Oxheart: 75 to 80 days, indeterminate. Gorgeous heart shaped oxheart fruit that weighs in at 12 ounces and can get much bigger. Originates from Hungary and was first  introduced in the 1920's. This one has that true old fashioned tomato taste that many of us remember and long for. Pink Oxheart is a lovely glossy pink color and is crack resistant. It performs well in times of drought and bears well for an oxheart type. 20 seeds per pack

Plum Lemon: 72 days. Indeterminate. Introduced from the St. Petersburg region of Russia. Plum Lemon is known in Russia as "Limmony Liana" which translates to "Lemon Vine." Bright yellow fruits are truly lemon shaped, about 3 inches long and 4-6 oz. each. Very prolific. Unique citrus flavor. Collected by Seed Savers' Kent Whealy from an elderly seedsman at Moscow's Bird Market during August 1991. Meaty, sweet refreshing flavor. 20 seeds per pack

Plumpton King: 70 days. Indeterminate. Rare. Small to medium red slicer. We are pleased to be offering this fine tomato again after an absence of several years. We have never been able to find much about Plumpton King's history. A friend from the UK originally sent us the seeds in 1992 and we have found historical references dating to 1942 of it's cultivation. It is an indeterminate variety and the vines will need support. We grow them on 6 foot high heavy gage mesh cages. Plumpton King has heavy fruit production. The fruit average 4-6 ounces, bright red, full and rounded. They have minimal shoulder cracking. Taste is sweet and tart. True old fashioned tomato taste! Excellent on sandwiches and in salads. They are perfect for canning and lose none of their flavor in the canning process. 20 seeds per pack

Polish Linguisa: 73 days. Indeterminate. Very large, red, long sausage-like shape, indeterminate. Polish Linguisa is great for sauces, drying and tastes so delicious it's great for eating fresh too. Fruits are large, weighing in at 8-10 ounces each and are quite meaty. It dates back to the early 1800's and came from New York via Polish immigrants. Very heavy yields and it keeps well when left on the vine. Off the vine green fruits ripen beautifully. 20 seeds per pack at $1.99 per pack

Pop-In: Sold out for 2015! 60-65 days, small, red, teardrop shape, indeterminate. Everyone loves these little jewels. Extremely rare heirloom variety that we originally got from a family in the UK. Small teardrop tomatoes that grow in hanging tiers on the plant. The yields are incredible. This is a highly ornamental plant and can be grown in containers, hanging baskets, planters and right in the veggie or flower garden if you like! They are so delicious it hard to describe. They are sweet with a bit of a bite and a lingering flavor. One could say Pop-In combines the best of cherry & plum tomatoes. Pop-In is a must have and will grow well in all zones. Perfect for fresh use, drying and freezing. 20 seeds per pack

Principe Borghese: 75 days, heirloom, determinate. Another stellar crop for 2014. With many people preserving their food now we wanted to bring Principe Borghese again. An Italian variety with small 2 inch long red plum-shaped fruits. Plants grow about 3 feet tall and are really loaded with fruit! They are very meaty. A classic favorite for sun drying as they keep their color and wonderful taste. In dry weather, the whole plant or branches can be hung out to dry the fruits. They are outstanding when roasted. 20 Seeds per pack

Pruden's Purple:  67-70 days. Large pink, potato leaf beefsteak, indeterminate. 12 to 18 ounce fruits. Some of our customers like Pruden's much better than Brandywine. It is not really purple but more of a deep pinkish color. They have a flattened shape and some have shoulder ribbing but are not prone to cracking! Classic brandywine like taste with a good tangy flavor and silken creamy texture. Meaty with few seeds. If you are a brandywine fan and garden where the season is short or not- Pruden's Purple is for you! Performs quite well in high heat areas. 20 seeds per pack

Rutgers: 75 days, heirloom, semi-determinate. Rutgers University breeder Lyman Schermerhorn developed this fine tomato in the early 1930's. The parents are Marglobe and J.T.D., an old time tomato from the Campbell Soup Company. Rutgers itself has been used as a parent in the development of many hybrids. Rutgers tomatoes are a blood red color, slightly oblate weighing an average of 6-8 ozs. With the deep, meaty, classic flavor Rutgers is perfect for canning, sauces and fresh eating. We call it a semi-determinate as you will get several flushes of tomatoes from it after the first very large yield. There is very little cracking and it is resistant to verticillium wilt, fusarium wilt, and alternaria stem canker. It grows extremely well in most areas and is mentioned in many old catalogs as being a solid grower in Texas. You can count on Rutgers! 20 seeds per pack

Siberia:  45-55 days, 2-3 oz, red colored tomato, determinate. Siberia is a variety that originated in the Altai Mountains on the Chinese border from Novosibirsk, Siberia. Well-known for its fast ripening fruits, as well as being able to set fruits down to 38F. Siberia is a great variety for cold weather areas, or for growing tomatoes off season, even in winter. Oval fruits are borne in clusters on 2-2 1/2' tall plants . Wonderful taste for an extra early variety. 20 seeds per pack

Siletz: 55-60 days, medium red slicer, determinate. A real king in the cooler climates but a solid performer in hot areas too! Produces 8 ounce fruits with a deep red color. But what about good taste in such an early cropper? Siletz won't let you down with it's sweet yet earthy flavor. This is one for home and market growers alike. 20 seeds per pack

Silvery Fir Tree: 55-60 days, 2 to 3 1/2" deep orange to red fruits, slightly flat, oblate shape, determinate. AKA "Carrot Top Tomato." Acidic taste, very delicious. This is a Russian variety with pretty fern-like foliage that is a grey-blue with a silvery shimmer. This is a dwarf tomato growing to only 24". Although it is determinate once you have picked all the fruits let it keep growing and it will set another bunch. It is quite attractive and is fine for containers or hanging baskets! Perfect for the small space gardener. Start them at intervals so you can have a longer harvest! 20 seeds per pack

Snow White Cherry: 68 days, pale yellow cherry tomato, indeterminate. Very productive, super healthy plants. Sweet, crisp, juicy, great in salads and for snacking off the vine. Snow White Cherry is perfect for making chutneys and sweet relishes. A real treat for cherry tomato fans and one of our all time favorite cherry tomatoes at Golden Harvest Organics! 20 seeds per pack

Stupice: (stoo-PEECH-ka) 60 days, red, round, small 2-2 1/2" fruits, indeterminate but the plant is relatively compact. Stupice comes from the former Czechoslovakia. bears quite early but remains prolific till frost. Potato leaf variety, fruits have an excellent combination of sweetness with a zing and are quite juicy! Surprisingly Stupice performs quite well in cold and high heat areas. 20 seeds per pack

Tibet-Appel: 80 days, heirloom, rare, medium fruit, semi-determinate, bush. Appel means "apple" in Dutch. This is such a superb tomato that we decided to bring it back. Originally grown in Tibet it came to the USA via Holland. Slightly oblate pinkish fruit, thin silken skin with a fantastic rich, juicy and sweet taste. Pretty, bushy, heavy bearing plants will definitely need sturdy support. Heat and drought are no trouble for Tibet Appel, it just keeps on going like the energizer bunny! Use for fresh eating, salad etc. A top notch tomato for your garden! 20 seeds at $1.99 per pack

Tommy Toe: Sold out for 2105 70 days, bright red, cherry, indeterminate. Tommy Toe hails from the Ozark mountains and is a practically disease free cherry tomato. Excellent, sweet flavor with incredible yields. Good resistance to early and late blight. This is a superior heirloom cherry tomato. Has been the top choice in many cherry tomato taste tests. It is our favorite cherry tomato! Stand back and watch this one grow. 20 seeds per pack

Did you know? On a gram for gram comparison, cherry tomatoes contain more lycopene than large tomatoes.

Yellow Stuffer: Sold out for 2105 76 -80 days, indeterminate, large golden yellow fruits that are similar in shape and structure to bell peppers! Hails from Australia. Yellow stuffer bears medium to large, long, scalloped, nearly hollow fruit with sturdy walls and thick, moist flesh. They weigh from 4 to 8 ounces. You guessed it- good for stuffing and a terrific slicer too. These plants bear profusely and definitely need support. Also known as 'Gourmet Yellow Stuffer'. Fun to grow and just think of the recipe possibilities! Serve your salad in your tomato or stuff and bake them. We grilled them this season and they were super. Good for market growers and chef's love them. Yellow Stuffer earned our new Honorable Mention rating at the 2008 taste test for uniqueness, versatility, "wow factor," good taste and incredible yields. 20 seeds per pack

Veggies, Herbs and Salad Fixings for 2015

Arugula, Slow Bolt: 45 days, herb. Hardy annual. Plant produces beautiful dark green leaves, flowers are edible and it is high in protein and vitamin K. This a very hardy plant. Use in dips, soups, salads, salsa and sandwiches. It has a nutty, spicy, slightly peppery taste. Once you start growing, harvesting and eating arugula you will see why some folks don't like to be without it. Arugula may be dried or frozen. Can be grown from early spring to late fall and is slower to bolt than other varieties. Plant Height: 18" tall. Approx 500 seeds at $1.89 per pack

Basil, Lemon: 60-70 days, annual herb, heirloom. A warm weather annual, lemon basil needs to be in direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day. Lemon Basil is intensely fragrant, attains a height of 12-18" and is easily grown from seed. Grow indoors or out. Use for flavored vinegars, tea, fruits and in anything you would like a taste of lemony basil! It freezes and dries well. Always plant some basil with your tomatoes. 1/2 gram (about 250 seeds) at 1.79 per pack

Basil, Genovese: annual herb, 60-80 days. Lovely, aromatic large basil plant growing from 18-24" tall. Fragrant, tender, spicy leaves up to 3.5" long. Hails from the Genoa area of Italy. The definitive basil for classic pesto and Neapolitan cuisine. Include Genovese basil in sauces or any dish that you would prefer a stronger basil flavor. Gives an exotic taste to tomato and mozzarella pizza. Genovese is superb for drying. For eating and planting basil and tomatoes are best friends! 1/4 gram (about 150 seeds) at 2.39 per pack

Basil, Italian Large Leaf: annual herb, heirloom. Bushy, large, high yielding basil grows 2-2.5" tall with big, 2-3" crinkly leaves. Italian Large has more sweetness to it's leaves with less of the clove taste that some basils have. Excels for pesto, salads etc. 1/2 gram (about 300 seeds) at 2.25 per pack

Bean, Taylor Dwarf Horticultural, Shell, Bush: 68 days. A pre-1800 heirloom shelling bean produces creamy buff-colored 5-6" pods on 18-24” vines early with impressive yields. They need no staking and can grow in containers. We love the flavor of these beans and rate the vibrant flavor as the best of any we have grown. Pods are ready to shell when burgundy splashes appear. Shell them right after picking, boil until tender: 30–45 minutes. For storage simply let the mature pods stay on the vines until dry. Delightful when dressed with a simple vinaigrette while they’re warm. Use Taylor in soups, chili, salads, succotash and just anyway you can imagine. 28 grams (about 50 seeds) at $1.99 per pack

Bean, Royalty Burgundy, Bush: 60 days. Striking violet-burgundy pods, lovely purple flowers and bright green foliage. They are a stringless bean measuring 5 to 6" long and have a slight curve to the pods. The bush type plants grow 24" tall. When cooked the color changes to a rich green providing a perfect indicator that blanching is done. Will germinate in cool soils and tolerate growing in light shade. They are delicious when used raw in salads or for dipping. Big rich bean flavor and perfect for the freezer to enjoy all winter. Beautiful when planted right in the flower garden. Yellow and blue flowers go well with them. Mexican bean beetles do not bother Royalty Burgundy and it is also resistant to common bean mosaic! Approx 50 seeds at $1.69 per pack

Beet, Chioggia: 60 days. The fast growing unique sweet "Candy Stripe" beet! White and red to pink showy interior concentric rings in the 2 inch sweet root. The delicious tops are green with pink markings on the stems. The name Chioggia is pronounced "key-oh-jah." Italian heirloom introduced to the U.S. pre 1840 from Chioggia, a town in Italy near Venice. Bake or boil them whole to keep the color of the rings from bleeding out when cooking. The roasted beets go well with avocados in a salad. Chioggia is an excellent canning beet. The greens are can be used like spinach and are delightful sautéed. This beet is so good and sugary that even kids like it. Approx 100 seeds at $2.25 per pack

Beet, Egyptian Turnip Rooted: 60 days. An Egyptian heirloom variety introuced to America and first grown around Boston in 1869. A super early variety with a flattened dark red beet with purple flesh, quite sweet. If you don't like the "earthy" taste some beets have then this one is for you, it has no earthy taste at all. Foliage grows to 8" and beets are picked when 3-5" across. Plant in early spring and again in mid-fall. For in zones 9 to 10 you can sow outdoors in the fall. Use for boiling, pickling, baking, and freezing. Stores well and becomes sweeter during storage as the starches convert to sugar. You will want to grow this beet every year. It got rave reviews from our tasters and us! Approx 100 seeds at $.99 per pack

Beet, Golden: 55 days. Golden beet is an heirloom dating back to around 1820. The beets are a glowing, golden-yellow and very sweet with nicely flavored greens too. The leafy greens are light green with yellow veining. Like Blankoma it will not bleed and they are beautiful mixed together on a relish tray or pickled. Grate them raw for salads. For a different and yummy treat try roasting beets then mix them with chopped pineapple or try them with segments of blood oranges and avocado slices drizzled with a simple vinaigrette. The beet greens are rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, A, thiamin, riboflavin, and vitamin B6. Golden Beet is a long time favorite around here. Approx 100 seeds at $1.99 per pack

Cabbage, Golden Acres: 64 days. Golden Acre is an old Danish heirloom mentioned in seed catalogs from 1927. The compact gray-green heads weigh 3-5 pounds are round, five to seven inches in diameter and tightly folded. This early producing cabbage is ideal for small or any size garden. They can be planted much closer together than standard varieties. Cutting the earliest heads and leaving the stump in the ground can often produce another crop of small leafy heads. The flavor is outstanding being tender, sweet and succulent. This cabbage is wonderful steamed, used as stuffed cabbage or used in coleslaw and stir fries. Approx 1/2 gram of seeds at $1.85 per pack

Carrot, Amarillo Yellow: 75 days. Bright, intense  yellow roots with large shoulders that taper down. They are nice, juicy and crunchy with a distinctive sweet taste that is different from orange carrots. Fine for any raw carrot use and superb for cooking. We have found Amarillo to be one of the finest stewing and roasting carrots we have grown. It keeps a nice carrot taste yet nicely picks up the flavor of your broth or spices. Makes great carrot juice and freezes well. Can withstand dry conditions. Approx 300 seeds at $1.99 per pack

Carrot, Atomic Red: 75 days. Coral-red color, 9 inch long roots. Atomic Red is at it's peak flavor when cooked it becomes a deeper red with a smooth texture and mildly sweet flavor. Atomic red is a high lycopene carrot. Lycopene containing foods are absorbed more readily by the body when foods are cooked. Tapered roots are 9 inches long. You can freeze, use raw or cook them. Truly one of our favorite juicing carrots. They sure are pretty too! FYI- Red carrots have been around since the 900s in Arabia, well before the documentation of the well known orange carrots in the 1500s. Approx 300 seeds at $1.99 per pack

Carrot, Purple Sun: 70-75 days. Purple all the way through! This is a Danvers type carrot with smooth purple skin and purple flesh. The next thing we must say is what a great and unusual taste Purple Sun has. It has a nice sweetness with a slight undertone of spice. We've never tasted a carrot quite like this one and it is excellent. If your kids won't eat carrots- grow some of these and see what happens. Purple carrots contain the pigments (and antioxidants) anthocyanin, beta carotene and alpha carotene. One serving meets 120% of daily recommended amount of vitamin A. The roots grow 6-7" long and the tops are 14". Eat them raw and any way you want to prepare them. What a treat! Approx 300 seeds at 2.69 per pack

Carrot, Color Wheel Mix: 57-85 days average. A custom blend of six varieties of carrots including Atomic Red, Bambino Orange, Purple Sun, Lunar White, Scarlet Nantes, Solar Yellow and Tendersweet. Perfect for growing baby carrots. You can leave some of the roots to grow to full maturity when you harvest the young carrots. Just leave a carrot every few inches. These can be container grown if you like. These are beautiful on relish trays, in slaws, pickled, fresh, cooked and for juicing. They all freeze well. Approx 1 gram- 900 seeds at $2.99 per pack

Carrot, Tendersweet: 75 days.
Smooth skin with a deep orange red color. They are very fine grained and almost coreless. Considered to be one of the sweetest carrots available today. Let tendersweet grow to at least 7" as the more mature they are the sweeter they get. They have a uniform growth averaging 9-10 inches long with 1 1/2" shoulders, tapering to a point. All purpose carrots for raw, juicing, cooked, storage and freezing. One of our top picks for juicing. Approx 1500 seeds at $1.99 per pack

Carrot, Sugarsnax 54 F1: 68 days. Due to many requests we are bringing this succulent carrot back. It’s an Imperator type with making them easier to harvest. Sugarsnax 54 shows resistance to Alternaria, Cercospora and Pythium. Sugarsnax 54 is a first rate eating carrot being quite sweet and tender. One of the best for fresh snacking and freezes very well. ½ gram packet contains about 325 seeds at 1.99 per pack

Chard, Rainbow Mix: Hardy annual has stalks and leaf veins of white, gold, yellow, pink, and green growing to approximately 2 feet tall. The colors just radiate with a luminescent quality. Beautiful to see, wonderful to eat and can be used in ornamental beds or grown in containers too. They will keep on growing through the heat of the summer. Chard likes full sun and loose, fertile soil. They can be grown year round in milder climates. In colder zones chard will live through several frosts. You can use them like spinach and the crisp succulent stalks are great in stir fries! We even like them raw in salads. $2.49 Approx 75 seeds at $2.49 per pack

Cilantro, Slo-Bolt, herb, annual:
Plant grows to 24". A little spicy, broad green leaves used in many Mexican and Asian dishes. This slow-bolt strain holds better than any other at the leaf stage. A must have ingredient for salsas. The seeds are known as coriander and used to flavor meats, pickles, and baked goods. 2 grams (approx. 180 seeds) at $1.99 per pack 

Cucumber, Lemon: 65 days. Lemon is an heirloom "apple type" cucumber first introduced in 1894. It has a unique lemon color and rounded lemon shape. Sweetly flavored, nice crunchy texture, white flesh and thin edible non-bitter skin. Prolific bearer of 2-3" fruit from mid-summer to frost. Use for fresh eating, pickling, relishes and slicing. Easy to grow and does well in short growing climates. You want to pick this one while the fruits are a paler yellow. When they are bright yellow they are overripe. This one is fun for your young gardeners to grow. 25 seeds at $1.95 per pack

Cucumber, Diva: 58 days, slicing cucumber- needs no pollination! Diva has a crisp, clean, sweet never bitter flavor when harvested at the 4-5 inch length. The skin is thin and does not need to be peeled. The high yielding plants are gynoecious (self-fertile, all-female blooms) and parthenocarpic (fruits grow without pollination). Diva is resistant to scab and is far more tolerant of powdery and downy mildews. The foliage is not bitter which means it far less attractive to cucumber beetles. An AAS Vegetable Award Winner. 20 seeds at $2.49 per pack

Cucumber, Miniature White: 50-55 days, small, white to pale yellow. We will attempt to describe just how wonderful these little cucumbers are. They are sweet- never bitter, need no peeling, are crisp and perfect. In fact they are so delicious it is hard to get them from the plants to the kitchen without eating them! The plants have small vines that stay around 3 feet in length, can be grown in a small space or grow in containers. While the plants are small the yields are not. Keep picking the fruit before they reach 3" in length and they keep putting on more fruits. Use them just like any other cukes. They do make super pickles but we recommend that you use white vinegar, not cider vinegar to keep their delicate color. 30 seeds at $2.49 per pack

Cucumber Paris Pickling Sold out for 2105 (Cornichon Vert Petit De Paris): 61 days. Heirloom cornichon type cucumbers. The cream of the crop for making those small tart or sweet pickles. Incredible and early production of tiny crisp cukes. Pick when they are about 2" long. They are also delicious when canned with pickling onions and fresh tarragon. Another tasty version would be to include hot peppers and garlic. Pick a peck of Paris Pickling for perfect pickles! 45 seeds at $1.99 per pack

Endive, Salad King: 95 days.
This is one of the most outstanding endives in all ways. Dark green leaves, deeply cut and curly with light green ribs and large heart. Salad King grows well even under adverse conditions. It is slow to bolt, resists tip burn and frost hardy. You can plant them in early spring and again in late summer for fall harvest. The outer leaves have the bold flavor while the inner ones have a more delicate taste. You can pick leaves from the heart and they will quickly regrow. The hearts are easy to blanch and will take on a lovely yellow hue. Another plus is endive is relatively free of pests and diseases and is not usually eaten by grasshoppers. There are so many terrific recipes for this type of endive! 1/2 gram (approx 200 seeds) at $1.49 per pack

Eggplant, Imperial Black Beauty: 80 days. As beautiful as it's name suggests and delicious. Imperial Black Beauty was introduced around the late 1800's. Plump 4-5" diameter shiny dark purple-black fruit with slight lobing have that classic rich flavor. Yields 4-8 fruits per plant that weigh vary in from 1-2 pounds each. The fruits are ready for harvest quite early compared to other large varieties. 25 seeds at $1.99 per pack

Eggplant, Kermit: 60 days, Hybrid. We love these! Easy to grow Kermit is an early maturing small, round Thai eggplant that is very popular for it’s superior quality and flavor. It is a generous producer of pretty green 2 inch eggplants with striped and marbled white shoulders. It’s interesting that the young fruits are very tasty and can be eaten fresh or cooked! They have a flavor combination of raw sweet green beans with a taste of artichoke with a hint of spice! Along with enjoying them raw use them cooked in curry dishes, soups, stews, egg dishes, shish kebabs or pickled and served as a snack or side dish. 25 seeds at $2.49 per pack

Eggplant, Raja: 60-70 days. White, Indian Hybrid. Beautiful little white eggplant grows on sturdy plants. Raja will give you abundant yields of round to egg-shaped, 2½-3" long by 1¾-2¼" in diameter 2-3 ounce fruit. It grew exceptionally well for us despite unfavorable weather conditions in 2014. Raja impressed us by continuing to produce fruit even during the short cool fall days! We will be growing them every season. They can be a little bitter when they get too big but this is easily changed to sweet and succulent by salting the slices and resting them on paper towels for about 30 minutes, rinse under cold water and cook. 25 seeds at $2.95 per pack   

Eggplant, Rosa Bianca: 80-90 days. Pretty as a painting this Italian heirloom eggplant is shaped like a teardrop with rose-lilac streaks on an ivory colored skin and has lovely lavender blossoms. Plants grow 2' tall and can be grown in 5 Gal containers. The flavor is sweet and mild not bitter. The texture is smooth, meaty and quite tender when cooked. Rosa Bianca can be used in any eggplant recipe and excels in eggplant parmisiana, stir-fries, raw in salads and as a simple side dish. Considered one of the best by cooks and gardeners alike. 4-6 in. long, 4-5 in. diameter. 25 seeds at $2.19 per pack

Eggplant Violetta Di Firenze: 97 days, heirloom. Don't let the 97 days to maturity stop you- you can grow Violetta! Start early indoors to grow it in the shorter season areas. What a beautiful eggplant this is with it's lovely flowers and fruits. Fruits are 5”-6” slightly rounded and mildly scalloped with classic purple coloring and fading to white around the dark calyx. This is truly the sweetest globe eggplant we have ever enjoyed. Grill them! Make thick slices, coat generously with olive oil, sprinkle on some salt and put them on a hot grill. Let them cook until they are completely tender. Try them stuffed and baked. 40 seeds at $1.99 per pack

Garlic Chives, Hardy Perennial (Allium tuberosum): 60 days, zones 3-9,  grows 10 to 12 inches tall. Garlic chives resemble common chives but have flat shiny blades and pretty white to green flowers. They have a subtle, rich garlic flavor  and the whole plant is edible, the flowers are delicious. The plants do  produce small bulbs that can also be eaten. The flowers bloom in mid-summer. They can take full sun to part shade. You can grow them indoors to have them handy for using raw or cooked. Garlic chives are delicious in salads, omelets, pizza, herbal butters and vinegars. They freeze well. Garlic chives are attractive for borders and in the flower garden. Perfect for companion planting. Approx. 100 seeds at 1.79 per pack

Kale, Lacinato aka Dinosaur, Toscan and Palm Tree kale: 30 days for baby leaf, 60 days to mature leaf. Lacinato has striking dark blue-green savoyed leaves with a bumpy almost quilted looking surface and a tender texture. The leaves grow 3" wide by 10-18" tall. Exceptionally hardy plants that will withstand even a hard freeze. Cold weather causes it to become extra sweet. With it's nutty sweet flavor Lacinato excels raw in salads and it is the best type to make kale chips with. Of course you can cook or sauté it like you would any greens. Feeling adventurous? Try grilling it and dress with 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, splash of balsamic vinegar and salt. Kale are hardy biennials that will overwinter in milder climates. They are in the Brassicaceae family, sharing species name Brassica oleracea with cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and kohlrabi. Approx. 300 seeds at 2.99 per pack

Kohlrabi, Early Purple Vienna: Heirloom, 60 days. Would you like a nutritious Sci-Fi looking vegetable for your garden? Then try these striking, delicious bulbs that grow above ground with purple-reddish skin, sweet, greenish-white flesh and silvery green, purple veined edible leaves. Kohlrabi was already known by the 1st century A.D., as Pliny the Elder mentioned a "Corinthian turnip", which from its described growing habits, is almost certainly kohlrabi. Apicius, who wrote the oldest known cookbook on cooking and dining in imperial Rome, also mentions Kohlrabi in his recipes. The name Kohlrabi adopted from the German language translates to Kohl meaning cabbage and Rabi meaning turnip. Kohlrabi has a sweet nutty flavor that tastes like a cross between cabbage and turnips. Early Purple Vienna is an heirloom introduced to the US from Austria prior to 1860. Plants are cold-tolerant and will survive in the garden long after frost. Use them cooked or raw in salads or slaw. The bulbs can be hollowed out and stuffed. Excellent simply steamed and served with a bit of butter and salt. There are far more uses for this delicious healthy vegetable than you can imagine. The leaves and stems can be added to salads, or boiled like spinach. Kohlrabi is a good source of vitamin C and potassium. Feeling adventurous? Plant them in a flower bed. It's stunning. Kids like them! Approx. 300 seeds at 1.99 per pack

Kohlrabi Early White Vienna: Heirloom, 65 days. Like Purple Vienna the bulb grows above the ground. It is pale green with snow-white flesh. It is a cool weather vegetable when most growth occurs. It is tender when cooked and crisp when eaten raw. Harvest when bulbs are 2 to 2 ½” inches in diameter. You will enjoy Kohlrabi's nutty, celery and mild cabbage-like taste is a real treat. It also contains protein and a variety of minerals. The bulb can be roasted whole or cut into large dice or slices to be cooked, steamed, or micro-waved. Grate them to make a slaw! The leaves are edible and can be cooked or added raw to salads. Approx. 300 seeds at 1.99 per pack

Lettuce, Gourmet Heirloom Mix: Our delicious blend of looseleaf and butterhead heirloom varieties. Royal Oakleaf, Yugoslavian Red Butterhead, Amish Deer Tongue, Cos Types, Bronze Arrow, Speckles, Speckled Troutback, Red Ruffled Oak, Green Devil's Tongue & more. Oh the wonderful, eye pleasing salads you can make with this seed mixture! Plant in full sun to part shade. Can be planted anytime the soil can be worked. Plant new seeds every 3 weeks to enjoy all season. As soon as 2-3 leaves have formed thin the plants 8-10" apart and include the baby greens you have thinned in a salad. As the heads mature you can pick outer leaves as needed for longer harvest or harvest the whole head. Approx. 2 grams (1500 seeds) at 2.49 per pack

Lettuce, Prizehead, Loose leaf: 35-45 days. Heirloom lettuce Prizehead lettuce is still winning prizes for its graceful curled leaves of light green outer leaves, inner leaves are lime green and it has reddish tips. It is slow to bolt. Research show that it was listed around 1889 in Maule's Seed catalog. Crispy, tender and sweet it can be harvested at 25-30 days for baby lettuce or left to mature fully. Mature plant reaches 12" high and it also a very pretty plant and can be planted in ornamental gardens as a filler or border if you desire! Perfect for container growing too! For companion planting benefits, grow lettuce with onions, cucumbers, or carrots. Approx. 1/2 gram (500 seeds) at 1.49 per pack

Lettuce, Sword Leaf , Yu Mai Tsai: 85 days. AKA "Pointed Leaf Lettuce" and "Stem Lettuce." Like it's name this oriental gourmet lettuce has long pointed bright green sword shaped leaves. It is considered a "choy" type green. It is not susceptible to disease and is a robust grower. Direct seed in late spring to early summer or late summer. Harvest at an early stage when leaves and stems are tender and crispy. Perfect for salads, stir-fry, soups stews and eggrolls. We love it in avocado, tuna or salmon Sushi rolls. Try it- you'll like it! Approx. .75 grams (350 seeds) at 1.49 per pack

Lettuce, Tom Thumb, Mini Butterhead: 50-55 days. English heirloom from the 1830's. Tom Thumb is a perfect petite butterhead lettuce growing 3-5 inches and just right for a 1 serving salad or pick the outer leaves for cut and come again lettuce. The tender buttery tasting leaves are a medium green, lightly crumpled with creamy yellowish ivory hearts. It will grow in full sun to part shade. Especially good summer lettuce as it tolerates high temperatures at maturity and resists bolting better than larger types. May be successfully grown in containers indoors or out. Nice in window box planters or as a path border planting mixed with flowers. Approx. 1/2 gram at 1.99 per pack

Gourmet Mesclun Mix: Our wonderful collection of mild and spicy greens of differing color, texture and flavor. Can be planted anytime the soil can be worked. Great for a fall crop. Harvest young for a ready made salad of baby greens or allow to grow on for a more substantial harvest. Our premium mesclun mix includes a variety of leaf lettuces, arugula, spinach, mizuna (a Japanese mustard green), endive plus Bloomsdale spinach. Approx. 2 grams (1500 seeds) at 2.49 per pack

Marjoram Sweet, Herb: Marjoram: Tender perennial, 60-90 days. With it's delightfully perfumed leaves it is an herb we should all grow. Unlike oregano marjoram has a more delicate flavor and what are described as a blend of sweet pine and citrus flavors. It adds a nice depth to the flavor of stews and soups. It is also a great compliment to peppers, egg dishes, pork, beef and savory wine sauces. Grow it much as you would oregano, in rich soil that's slightly alkaline. It definitely likes partial shade on hot afternoons. Excellent for drying as it retains it full flavor. If you have a sunny spot indoors you can bring it for the winter. Goes well with mint and lemon balm teas.It is considered hardy in USDA zones 6b to 11. Marjoram is known to attract bees, butterflies and birds.
1/4 gram (approx 1,000 seeds) at $2.45 per pack

Melon, Ananas: 100 days. Ananas is a French word which in English means pineapple and were first listed in American seed catalogues in the 1820's. Ananas is an ultra sweet and juicy heirloom which does have the aroma of a fresh pineapple. The flesh is gold tinged ivory firm, sweet and aromatic with a small seed cavity. The fruits are oblong and have a slight netting covering the ripened orangey gold rind. They weigh 3-5 lbs and grow on lush, vigorous vines which can be trained on fences or trellises to save space. Harvest when the blossom end is slightly soft by cutting from the vine. These sweeties make a great breakfast or brunch treat. Northern gardeners need to start Ananas inside. 40 seeds at 1.59 per pack

Melon Charentais: 75-90 days, heirloom. Origin: France in the Poitou-Charentes region around the 1920’s. The melons weigh 2-3 lbs. Just right for two servings. Beautiful Charentais has been hailed as one of the tastiest melons ever bred due to the high sugar content, creamy texture and mouth-watering, exotic fragrance. The skin is greenish-gray with slightly raised ribs and the firm flesh is salmon orange in color and honey sweet in flavor. The seed cavity is small. You will not find these melons for sale at the markets as it does not ship well. You must grow your own and they are totally worth your efforts. 30 seeds at 2.50 per pack

Melon, Honeydew, Orange Flesh: (Cucumis melo), 98 - 105 days. Orange Dew produces 5 lb melons that have orange colored inner flesh similar to a cantaloupe with a smooth waxy exterior and a small seed cavity. You may have heard these delicious beauties called "Honeyloupes" or "Temptation Melons." They are very sweet with a crisp yet velvety smooth texture. When ripe they have a thick pale yellow to light orange rind and the stem end will yield to slight pressure. They have the best flavor when harvested at full ripeness but they will ripen off the vine at room temperature when picked at half-slip. If you are in zone 4 or warmer you can grow these succulent melons. To save space they may be grown on a sturdy trellis or trained on cages. For a real treat try some melon salsa or a melon daiquiri with Orange Honeydew! Photo shows both orange and a green honeydew for comparison. 30+ seeds at 2.79 per pack

Melon, Casaba, Golden Beauty: 110 days. Casaba melons were originally cultivated in Persia thousands of years ago and were introduced to America in the late 1920's from Kasaba, Turkey. Golden Beauty is related to cantaloupes but instead of netted skin it has long furrows and fruits are pointed at the stem end. Mature casabas are about 8"x7" and weigh 7-8 lbs. The rind is tough, making them a long keeper off the vine. The green skin turns yellow at maturity. The luscious creamy-white juicy flesh is delightfully sweet with an exotic hint of spice. Golden Beauty is harvested by cutting from the vine rather than slipping from the vine as many melons do. Makes a refreshingly different melon salsa. Perfect for fruit salads or serve slices with a drizzle of fruit flavored liqueur. They are well adapted to hot, dry regions. For shorter growing seasons start indoors. 40 seeds at 1.59 per pack

Melon, Minnesota Midget, Mini Cantaloupe: 65-75 days. A delicious, very early and tiny heirloom melon was first developed by the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, St. Paul, Minnesota in 1948. Measuring at 4-5 inches across, they are sweet and juicy with orange flesh. The compact, 3-4' vines can produce up to 13 melons per plant! They do need about 2 weeks of hot weather and drier conditions when ripening to set their sugar. They are easy to harvest as when they are ready they simply slip from the vine with a slight pull. May be grown in larger containers 5 gal size or more. 25 seeds at 1.99 per pack

Parsley, Juwel, Biennial Herb: Sold out for 2105 85 days
. Juwel is a compact plant, growing to 12" tall. It forms dark green heads with curled glossy leaves. The flavor is slightly peppery and bright. It regenerates quickly from multiple cuttings. Juwel is quite slow to bolt. You can grow it in containers, in flower, vegetable and herb gardens. Parsley is a great source of carotene, vitamin C, calcium, iron and fiber. Raw parsley is a natural breath freshener and also has anti-inflammatory properties so don’t think of it as a garnish. Parley is very easy to dry for storage. Use it in soups, stews, salads, sauces, dressings and pickles. 1/2 gram (325) seeds at 1.99 per pack

Pea, Shelling: Little Marvel: 64 days, short vine, heirloom. This pea deserves it's name of little marvel. We have been very impressed with the 30" tall plants bearing an abundance of luscious sweet peas that keep their flavor and tender quality even when the 3" double-borne pods are fully filled out. Little Marvel was first sold by Sutton & Sons seed sellers of Reading, England in 1900 and made it's way to the USA in 1908. They are a treat to eat raw or steamed and freeze well. We do advise growing them on short stakes or netting for the best production. Approx. 90 seeds at $1.95 per pack

Pea, Snow: Mammoth Melting Sweet: 68-75 days, tall vine, heirloom. The largest edible podded pea available. 3-5' tall sturdy vines with a spread of 8" bear huge 4-6" meaty pods over a long period of time. You must provide support for them. They have a mouth-watering sweet flavor and are tender and stringless. Pick them before seeds start to develop but if you miss picking some they are still edible even when the pods are filled out, just use them as a shelling pea. Sow for fall crop in July. Vines have good disease resistance. Eat fresh, raw in salads, steamed, stir-fried or freeze to enjoy later. Approx. 75 seeds at $2.09 per pack

Pea, Dwarf Korean Snow Pea (Ho Lan Dow): 65 days, bush type, heirloom. Traditional tiny Korean snow pod peas- Ho Lan Dow. Wonderfully sweet and crisp. Bush growing habit, no staking needed and may be container grown. Plant in early spring and fall. Like all peas they love cool weather. Delicious when eaten raw or cooked. The young pea shoots and leaves are a delicacy and can also be used fresh or cooked. They cook in about one minute. Use in stir-fry, steamed dishes, soups and salads. They are not stringless. 45 seeds at 2.59 per pack

Pepper, Hot, Magnum Orange Habanero: 80 days to green, 100 days to orange. Some like it hot. Do you? Then these bright orange habanero peppers are just for you! The tall multi-branching plants yield abundant amounts of 1-2 inch thin-skinned peppers. They have the classic habanero shape and slightly wrinkled skin. The flavor is sweet, fruity and has an apricot aroma. They are plenty hot with a Scoville rating of 210,000. They do well in cooler climates too! The plants can over-wintered in a sunny window. The fruits make great pickles, garnishes and are used in many spicy main dishes as well as an ingredient for chili sauces and other similar condiments. 25 seeds at 2.49 per pack

Pepper Hot, Slim Cayenne: 75-80 days. Cayenne Slim is a long, thin, fiery hot pepper which is high in vitamins A and C. The Scoville rating is 3,000-5,000. The  peppers are about 1/2" wide and grow 5" to 6" long. The tapered fruits have a crinkly skin that turns from dark green to fire engine red when mature. Plants grow from 22" to 30" or more with an equal spread and produce well. They can be container grown. Drying them is easy as can be with their thin walled fruit. Great for for fresh eating, hot sauces, pickles, Thai recipes, drying, ristras and to make ground cayenne pepper. 30 seeds at 2.79 per pack

Pepper, Mild Heat, Pasilla Bajio: 78 days, Mexican heirloom. Mild heat translates to only 1,000 to 1,500 Scoville units. The taste is slightly sweet, rich and a bit smoky. Pasilla Bajio is the choice for making mole sauces. The vigorous 24”-36” tall plants bear 8”-10” long peppers that are thin walled, dark green maturing to chocolate brown. The skin will get wrinkled like raisins. They have good resistance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. The mature pods can be toasted and crumbled up or powdered for use in sauces including red sauces, adobo and mole. Use fresh pods for salsas, salad and enchilada sauces. 30 seeds at 1.99 per pack

Did you know: In USDA zones 9 & 10, peppers can also be sown in midsummer for a fall crop.

Pepper Sweet, Apple Pimento: 57-77 days. Sold out for 2105 This is a gorgeous pimento pepper with a sweet, rich and juicy taste. Not quite as picky as some peppers either- giving good yields in diverse climates. They grow from glossy green to candy apple red, are about 4 inches long with a rounded, somewhat blunted tip and thick walls. Plants are 18" tall by 12" wide and grow well in 3 gallon or larger containers. Use in slaws, relishes, pimento cheese dips. Good for roasting and freezing too. 25 seeds at 2.49 per pack

Pepper, Sweet, Corno di Toro Giallo 70 days, Italian heirloom: One of the earliest and best tasting sweet peppers. They are shaped like a bull's horn growing to 6 or more inches long. Slender light green fruit maturing to a glossy sunny yellow. It is quite a taste sensation being super sweet with a slightly spicy undertone but no heat. Good choice for cooler climate gardens they still must have the warmest spot in a garden. They grow like crazy in the South. The copious leaf cover protects peppers from sunburn. Eat them fresh, stir fried, grilled, in salads or stuffed. This is one of our all time favorite peppers and we freeze as many as we can to enjoy year 'round. We made pickled pepper rings with them and put them on pizza. Yes! 30 seeds at 1.49 per pack

Pepper, Sweet (F1), Jalapeno, Fooled You: Sold out for 2105 65 Days. If you can't take the heat but love the taste of jalapenos than this one is for you! Shaped like a traditional jalapeno "Fooled You" has that rich, smoky flavor with no heat- seeds and all. We absolutely love it. The fruit has thick walls and produces an abundance of 3.5" long by 1" wide peppers on plants that are about 27" tall. They will gradually mature from green to brilliant red. Use them anyway you want. They make delectable jalapeno poppers, salsas, sauces, pickles, and stir fry. 15 seeds at 2.49 per pack

Pepper, Sweet, Mini-Bell, Color Mix: 60 days, open-pollinated. Plants produce an abundance of delightful miniature bell peppers. The peppers are about 1.5 x 1.5". The mix ripens to yellow, orange, red and some chocolate ones too. They taste like a large bell but with more sweetness and crisp flesh. Plants top out around 16". They can be container grow and are perfect for limited space gardens. These peppers are absolutely delicious and versatile. Stuff 'em for appetizers, use in salads or anything you enjoy sweet peppers in. They make stunning pickles! 20 seeds at $1.99 per pack

Pepper, Sweet, Purple Beauty: Heirloom, 76 days. These fruits turn a dark, stunning deep purple appearing close to black and with a green undertone when mature. The meat is green. Though smaller with a height of 18” to 24” making this bushy plant a bit of a space saver. It is a heavy producer though with 3" to 4” blocky sweet and moist peppers. Purple Beauty is beautiful when grown in flowerbeds or large containers. 30 seeds at $1.99 per pack.

Pepper Sweet, Shishito, Japanese: Heirloom, 60 days.
Apparently they were introduced to Japan by Portuguese sailors. Shishito has often been used on the cooking competition TV shows, "Iron Chef" and "Chopped."Small, thin-walled, shiny emerald green pepper with wrinkled skin. They grow 3"-4" long by 1" wide with the plants growing to 20". The perfect ratio between the sweet flavor of bell peppers and just a little heat, less than the mildest of chilies. These peppers can also be grilled, broiled, steamed, stuffed, pan or deep fried, used in salads and salsa. Shishito peppers are fantastic for tempura and shish kabobs. Excellent for any kind of pickles and they freeze nicely. May be container grown. Approx 35 seeds (.25 grams) at 2.49 per pack

Pepper Sweet Bell, Quadrato D'Asti Rosso: Sold out for 2105 80 days. Heirloom from Asti territory, Italy. Asti is famous for its peppers and this is another classic from Asti. Quadrato is one of the biggest bells. It is blocky with pendant lobes, grows 5” long, has fire engine red skin and is also one of the sweetest and richest tasting around. A large plant growing to 36" tall. May be grown in large containers. It will give you high yields. With thick walls it lends itself well to stuffing, roasting, salads, grilling, you name it. Big seller at Farmer’s Markets and roadside stands. Approx 40 seeds at 1.99 per pack

We offer only varieties that meet high standards for you!

Let some of your radish plants go to seed. They have edible flowers and seed pods: use in mixed salads, pasta salad, sprinkle on soups, use in vinaigrettes or try with hot pasta. The green seed pods are good for munching too!

Radish, Black Spanish (Radish Nero Tondo): 53-65 days. The skin on Black Spanish is thin and very close to pure sooty black. The roots are globe shaped, can reach 3" to 4" across or more but may be picked when smaller. Sow from late July to mid-August. They are good for winter storage and will mellow with age. The crispy white flesh has a pungent, peppery taste. The larger the radish gets the milder the taste becomes. Strong tops make harvesting easy and the greens are edible. If you let some go to seed the pods are edible and delicious! Black Spanish greens have an arugula like flavor. They can be grated or sliced, eaten raw or cooked. Do put salt on them to tame their heat. Try them grated into your dinner salad or grated into a lentil or split pea soup. Good in Korean pickled vegetable recipes. Grate 2-3 of them to put in your coleslaw recipe. Approx. 200 seeds at 2.49 per pack

Radish, Easter Egg: (Heirloom Mix) 28 days. Easter Egg Radish features a nice array of pink, red, rose, lavender, scarlet and white radishes with white interiors including: French Breakfast (slightly elongated), Pink Beauty, Purple Plum, Philadelphia White Box, Scarlet Globe and Ruby. The colors have great appeal with medium-green tops that reach about four inches in length. Don't forget you can eat the leafy green tops if you like, they taste similar to arugula. Approx. 200 seeds at 2.49 per pack


Radish, Purple Plum: 30 days. Purple Plum is vibrantly colored deep purple-plum radish just like its name. They are 1-2 inch globes with crunchy, tender white flesh that is sweetly flavored and they do not get pithy. They are hardy and versatile and can be grown almost all season. Can be grown in a container that is 7 or more inches deep. Purple Plum was bred and released to market by the Alf Christianson Seed Company of Mt. Vernon, Washington in 1985. Approx. 200 seeds at 2.49 per pack

Radish, Watermelon: Winter type, 60 days. Also known as Red Meat or Beauty Heart. They have white skin and green shoulders and when sliced an interior of reddish-pink to magenta is revealed! The meat is crisp with mild, sweet flavor and a hint of a nutty taste. The roots grow from 2-4” in diameter. As a winter radish, it is planted in late summer or fall about 7-10 weeks before the average date of your first fall frost. In warmer climates you want to plant anytime in fall or winter. Watermelon radishes are delicious in salads, pickled, stir-fries, baked or cooked as you would turnips. Approx. 150 seeds at $1.99 per pack

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Spinach, Banjo F1: 44-50 days. A slightly semi-savoy leafed variety with dark-green oval leaves growing in an upright habit for easy harvesting. The longer stems are good for bunching. Banjo is an excellent choice for an all purpose spinach growing well in all but the warmest seasons. Suitable for spring, summer and autumn production. Use as baby leaves or full-grown leaves which are about the size of an average human palm. It is soft and buttery when cooked. Good vigor and good resistance to bolting and mildew. Approx. 200 seeds at 2.19 per pack

Spinach, Bloomsdale Long Standing: Sold out for 2105 50-55 days. Hardy annual. Bloomsdale can tolerate temps down to 15-20 F and may be overwintered with protection. History: Bloomsdale spinach was originally introduced in the USA by D. H. Landreth & Co. (Philadelphia) in 1826. Bloomsdale Long Standing was then developed in the early 1900's by Zwaan and Van der Molen, Voorburg, Netherlands. Bloomsdale Long Standing is an old time heirloom favorite. It is a dark green full savoy-leafed spinach. It can be planted in spring or fall. Longstanding means it can withstand some summer heat and is slow to bolt. Sweet buttery flavor with tender leaves and high yields- a cook's delight! Good resistance to powdery mildew and a vigorous grower. Approx. 250 seeds at 1.99 per pack

Spinach Viroflay: 50 days, 28 days for baby spinach, heirloom. A surprisingly bolt resistant variety that can really take the heat longer than the majority of other spinaches. Developed in France pre 1866 and considered a gourmet spinach. Of all the spinaches, this one is lowest in oxalic acid, so its leaves are sweet and stay sweet as the plant matures.The dark green, slightly savoyed leaves are 10” long and the plant can get a spread of 24” wide. The big leaves remain succulent, tender and flavorful. Harvesting options: pick outer individual leaves from outer edges when they become big enough to use, or cut the whole plant 1" above the soil, and new leaves will shoot up. Viroflay is a great choice for the South and fall planting. Excellent for fresh eating, cooking, freezing and canning too. 4 grams (approx 360 seeds) at 2.19 per pack

Spinach, Winter Giant: Sold out for 2105 40-45 days, Heirloom. Origin: Ancient Persia carried by traders to India and China via Nepal. Cold hardy plants that tolerate high humidity produce intense green, slightly savoyed leaves. Winter Giant is suitable for spring or fall production and is slow to bolt. Yields well at any stage with good results. The leaves are attractive, extra sweet, flavorful and tender and may be harvested for baby spinach. A heavy yielding spinach recommended for fall crops, winter greenhouse production, or over-wintering outdoors under mulch. For top rate flavor and reliability Winter Giant is one impressive spinach. Can be used fresh, frozen or canned. Approx. 2 grams (160) seeds at 1.99 per pack

Squash, Early White Patty Pan aka Scallopini, Summer: 49 days. Dates back to the early 1700's and grown by Native Americans. Pretty white squash with distinct scalloping. Smooth texture, slightly sweet with a delicate nutty flavor. They are very easy to grow. Plants spread 4-6” wide when mature. Harvest when they are 2 ½ to 3” across and pick them often for best production. They can be used raw, steamed, grilled, fried, sautéed, tempura or even stuffed. The flowers are edible. This is scrumptious: slice them thickly and brush with garlic olive oil then put them on the grill. Turn over when the top is brown. Keep an eye them as they cook quickly. Freezes well. The nutritional value is high: it has lots of magnesium, vitamin A, folic acid, niacin, and vitamin C. 25 seeds at 1.99 per pack

Squash, Delicata, Winter: 80 days. First released in 1894 by Peter Henderson. Distinctive, 7-9" long, 3" wide, 1 1/2-2 lb., cream to pale yellow colored fruits with thin dark green long stripes and random green flecks. The flesh is smooth and has a sweet nutty flavor with undertones of brown sugar and butter. Delicata is an AAS winner (2002) with a compact bush habit that spreads only about 4-6 feet and averages 5-7 fruit per plant. It is a premium storage squash that does not need curing and can be stored for 6 months. It is the only winter squash that can be eaten skin and all, after baking, steaming, grilling or boiling. The seeds can be roasted and are every bit as good as pumpkin seeds. 3 grams (about 40 seeds) at 2.19 per pack

 Squash, Sunburst (F1), Summer: 50 days. Scallop type squash with shiny buttery yellow thin skin. The flesh has a fine grain with mellow, buttery flavor. Best picked when fruit measures 3 inches across and 2 inches thick. They are still quite good if you let them get larger. They grow in a compact 3' wide bush style. A 1985 AAS winner. They sure win for good looks and taste! This delectable squash is wonderful to use sautéed, fried, barbequed, fried and raw with your favorite dip or in a summer salad. Great yields from mid-summer until frost. 2 grams- approx 20 seeds for $2.19

Squash, Red Kuri, Winter Storage: 90 days. Originally from Japan. Red Kuri squash has an orange-red skin, a few faint peach stripes and a slight teardrop shape. The vines have good yields of 3 to 7 lb squash and are reliable croppers even in cool, short seasons. The skin is of medium thickness and easy to cut. The flesh texture is very smooth and creamy, with a slightly sweet, savory chestnut-like flavor. Red Kuri is rich in vitamin A and calcium. Perfect for baking, mashing and it gives exceptional taste and texture to soups, purees, frittatas etc. Makes a great pie! 20 seeds at 1.99 per pack

Squash growing tip: Protect ripening winter squash from rotting on damp ground by placing boards or wax paper under them.

Squash, Sugar Dumpling, Winter Storage: 90 days. Easy to grow semi-bush vine takes up less space and bear 4-6 green and ivory-skinned striped fruit with smooth honey sweet flesh. These 1-2 serving size squash have a flattened round bottom  with a fluted teacup shaped top. Very good resistance to powdery mildew and easy to grow. Culinary uses are many- bake them, stuff them, boil, mash, puree, use in soups, they even make good dried "squash chips."  They require no curing for storage and will keep for 6 months. 20 seeds at 1.99 per pack

Take a look at our seed starting tips for some interesting advice

Planting Dates for hot Zones

For gardeners in zones 10 and 11: You can continue to plant out tomato seedlings through late September to early October in the warm fall-winter zones. Choose varieties that are less than 68 days to maturity.

In the super hot summer areas of Arizona, Texas and similar regions, you have 2 distinct growing seasons: March through June, and September through December.



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