Alpha Phi International
Susan Morgan
House Director
1300 Baystone Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80521

Goldleaf Landscape
404 North Impala Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80521

Dear Judi:

Once again you have come to my rescue! After your recent treatment, my pine trees have their color back and the scales have fallen from their branches! Ill never forget when a well meaning maintenance man cut the top six feet out of two decorative pines that frame our front door, thinking he was pruning!!! By the time you were recommended to me, when others had failed, the only thing alive on those 10 trees was the outer foliage. Neither one of us expected them to make it, but with your fertilizer applied on a mild weekly basis, within one season they came back and have remained blight free for the past two years.

You make my job so much easier and make me look good too!!! Whatever is in that smelly stuff....IT WORKS even on my house plants! Thanks Again!







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