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Got Colorado Potato or Elm Leaf Beetles?
Get BT Tenebrionis: Biological Larvicide

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This BT product will help get things back in balance

Get this strain of Bacillus thuringiensis v. tenebrionis (BT's) that specifically controls the larva of Colorado potato beetle and Elm leaf beetle. Helps break the reproductive cycle to get rid of them! If you have had either one of these pests you know how destructive they are. Potato beetles feed on tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplants and have been observed going after many other plants. Elm leaf beetles feed on all species of elms. In fall they will look for shelter and can get into homes.

What is Bacillus thurengiensis?

BT's are a biological or microbial pesticide that contain naturally occurring bacteria in different strains that target specific insects. BT's are not at all toxic to animals, birds, humans, fish or beneficial insects! They do not persist in or contaminate the environment in any way. However they do the job!

How does BT Tenebrionis work?

CObeetle.jpg (4421 bytes)First it is not effective against the adult form of the Colorado Potato Beetle or Elm Leaf Beetle. BT affects the larva of these pests which eat the BT becoming infected with the bacteria and die! BT products do not have any effect on humans, animals or birds. They can be used right up to the day of harvest time.

BT can be used in greenhouses, homes or outside. May be used on all food crops, houseplants, seedlings; wherever you have a problem with these beetles!

Kept in a cool place BT tenebrionis will last for quite some time! However it cannot be allowed to freeze. It can be refrigerated for longest shelf life.

To find out more about the BT type pesticides and their safety click here to visit the Pesticide Management Education Program with Extonet's BT profile.


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 EPA Reg. 275-118
EPA Est. 33762-IA-1

This is not a genetically engineered BT product. 

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Co Potato Beetle Larva

Easy to use: Mix with water and apply foliar spray on infested areas!


Mix at 1 1/2 ounces
per gallon of water

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Available in 8 oz. size:

  • 8 ounce: $15.50 each
    Makes approximately
    5 gallons of spray

  • A little goes a long way

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