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   WB01343_.gif (599 bytes) Pesticide and Environmental Update

States sue EPA over Toxic
Release Inventory Downgrade

On November 28, New York and 11 other states sued the U.S. EPA over plans to exempt some 6,700 chemical facilities from complying with the Toxic Release Inventory. The TRI was passed in the aftermath of the Bhopal gas disaster in 1984 and chemical release at a Union Carbide plant in West Virginia

The TRI was created in 1986 to monitor nearly 600 industrial chemicals. California Attorney General Jerry Brown accused the EPA of "subverting a key public safety measure that helps communities protect themselves from toxic chemicals." The EPA claimed the new rules would "provide incentives for facilities to improve environmental performance," but Emily Rusch of the California Public Interest Research Group warned the rollbacks "set a dangerous precedent that undermines two decades of public access" under the Community Right-to-Know Act.


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