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Site Index

Finally, we have created a site index so you can find all the available pages here.
The following is a hierarchical listing of all the pages in this web that can be reached by following links here or from the home page and main menu bar and a break down of all the sub pages of each category. If you get lost, click on index in the main menu bar and come back here.

We have worked hard to compile all this data and research. There is quite a bit here so take your time and browse.

Home: Golden Harvest Organics Home Page

Contact Us: This links to a form you can fill out to send us and ask for information about our products, get a shipping quote, our FAX,  phone number, email address, mailing address etc.

Companion Planting: An alphabetical list of companion plants from alfalfa to larkspur to yarrow. Every entry tells how we can use them as companion plants in our landscapes. Many of the plants listed have individual links to homemade recipes for insects, disease and critter control. There are also links to additional information on:

Critter Trouble: Cats, dogs, deer, moles, rabbit, rats, mice, skunks, snakes and squirrels...Oh my!!! We have some strange but usually effective ways to deter some of our animal friends. A warning to you: some are last resorts! We also have a picture of our number one mice and snake controller: the one and only Tig! By the way Tig is 18 years old and as spirited as ever!

Disease: We cover general plant and soil diseases along with some unconventional control and prevention methods like: Apple Cider Vinegar Fungicide, Couch Grass Rhizome Tea, Hydrogen Peroxide Treatments. There is a cross reference chart for the recipes and the problems they may they help. Keep an open mind as many of these have worked for us. We don't promise miracle cures. We just want to share ideas for you to try out. Some of the diseases listed are: mildews, scab. blights, leaf spot, black spot etc.

Garden In Harmony Message Board: There are links to our message board scattered throughout the site. Bring your questions and your knowledge to share with everyone. The board has some great new features including: message archive, search, email notice when there has been a new post to your questions or comments. You can also link to a website and post pictures! The board is sponsored by Digital Raingardens and Golden Harvest Organics. Come and join us!

Garden Tips: This is broad category you won't want to miss. On the garden tip main page we have some general tips and trivia along with phenology, home made rooting hormone, find your zone map and chart and some silly stuff too. The garden tips page menu links to:

  • Food Recipes that use edible weeds, native plants, flowers, fruits, herbs and veggies. Not only are these recipes bold, they are delicious! When we have time we hope to be adding some new recipes. There are currently two recipe collections:
    • Collection Number One has: Daylily Bud Sauté, Rose Petal Soup, Mixed Weed and Flower Salad and 10 other great recipes.
    • Collection Number Two has: Pinto Bean Fudge (no kidding), Sunchoke, Purslane and Radish Salad plus 8 more recipes.
  • Phenology: This is the study of periodic biological phenomena as in the time of flowering or migrating, and their relationship to climate and each other.
  • Seed and Plant Sellers: Resource of organic, heirloom, biodynamic, open pollinated, unusual, and rare seed companies. Phone numbers, addresses, catalog prices and e-mail addresses.
  • Rose RX: A basic guide to rose problems and solutions.
  • Seed Starting: Advice to get things growing
  • The Natural Gardeners First Aid Kit: Use herbs and other natural aids to help you.
  • Information Charts

Insects: The main insect page has an alphabetical menu that links to controls and descriptions of  common garden and some household insects. Some of the insect names link to their own pages as we compile more information on them for you. It also has links to:

  • Insect Treatments: This is a page with general homemade sprays, dusts etc. The menu on this page is cross referenced chart that lists insects targeted in the left column and the suggested treatments for them in the right column. We have recipes like Garlic-Oil Spray, Horseradish Pesticide, Yarrow Tea and much more.
  • Organic Pesticide Treatment Chart: This is a comprehensive cross referenced chart of botanical, biological, mineral insecticides and pheromones that are considered to be organically acceptable. The left column lists the insects, the second column shows peak infestation times and the third column lists the host. The top row lists all the pesticide names from Alcohol Spray Neem oil to Quassia.

Insects that have their own individual page:

Links page: Here we have links to other sites in the following categories:

Order Page: Secure Online order form for all of our products. Each product listed has link to it from the order form so you can go back to look at it. You can pay online via i-check. Sorry but we don't accept credit cards yet. Secure Online order form for all of our products. Each product listed has link to it from the order form so you can go back to look at it. You can pay online via i-check. Sorry but we don't accept credit cards yet.

Pesticide News: The latest updates on environmental and pesticide news. First in the list are links to the current issues listed on the home page. Second is a collection of important past issues that we maintain for your reference.

Products: Please take a look at our products as they make this web site possible. We use and highly recommend everything that we carry or we would not sell it.

  • Bite Blocker: All natural personal insect repellent lotion- deet free!
  • BT for Colorado Potato Beetles and Elm Leaf Beetles
  • Beneficial Insect Lures: Attract ladybugs and other beneficials with these innovative lures!
  • Coco Peat: Coconut fiber for seed starting, soil amendment, it can't be beat. Sustainable CocoPeat1.jpg (12591 bytes) resource coming from the coconut industry as a by product.

  • Gnatrol® Biological Larvicide: A strain of Bacillus thuringiensis v. israelensis (BT's) that specifically controls the larva of fungus gnats and helps break the reproductive cycle to get rid of them!
  • Golden Harvest Natural Fertilizer: Our original, totally organic, all purpose fertilizer. Made from yucca, seaweed, equisetum, fish powder, ascorbic acid, yarrow.
  • Ladybug Lures: Attracts ladybugs and other beneficial insects to yard and garden naturally!RedPeach.jpg (11525 bytes)
  • Heirloom Tomato Seeds: The plants these seeds come from were organically grown during the 1999 growing season.
  • HumAcid: HumAcid can help you to get the best from your plants and soil when combined with your foliar fertilizer applications or on it's own!
  • Neem Oil: From the neem tree: natural, botanical pest and disease control.
  • The New Northern Gardener: An Organic Gardening Classic Updated! Covers flowers, herbs, perennials, insects, disease, compost, soil amendments, horticultural glossary.KelpPack.jpg (12466 bytes)
  • Pruning Book by Lee Reich: Covers trees, shrubs, fruit trees, small fruits, roses, rejuvenation, repairing damage, how to prune when disease is present etc. This is one of the best books on pruning we ahve come across. It is full of diagrams and step by step instructions.
  • Seaweed Powder: Not a fertilizer but a balanced nutritional tonic for your plants.
  • The Urban Suburban Composter: Excellent book covering all aspects of composting.

Site Search: Search this whole site for the specific information you are seeking by subject keywords or phrases.

  • Also a link to our Gardening in Harmony with Nature Message Board

Weed Wars: Are they friend or foe? We try to help you decide and we have the following pages of weed information, ID, controls and what they can tell us about the soil for you:

  • The main weed page is the ID Page which lists specific weeds, what they may reveal about our soil and links to some excellent weed identification sites.
  • Mulching Methods: All sorts of mulches for weed control from plastic to newspapers to rock. Includes a link to wood and rock conversion table to figure out how much mulch you need to cover an area.
  • Sprays and Direct Controls: How to flame weeds, treat using salt and vinegar, or boiling water. Soil solarization and corn gluten for weed control.
  • Unusual Controls: How about a cashmere goat weed patrol? No? Then what about hemp, weeder geese or microbial herbicides?



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