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Seafood Fraud puts Families and the Oceans at Risk

By Emily Fisher for Oceana

Distribution: Katey Parker
Media Manager Just Label It

Many of us view seafood as a healthy meal. Yet according to a new report by our friends at Oceana, a shocking amount of our seafood is mislabeled, and puts consumers at risk by potentially hiding toxins, like mercury. Mislabeled seafood can also hide illegal or unsustainable fishing practices that wreak havoc on our oceans.

Oceana is working hard to fight seafood fraud, but they need your help. A new bill, the SAFE Seafood Act, would require seafood traceability from bait to plate. Will you urge your Representatives and Senators to cosponsor the SAFE Seafood Act?

Seafood fraud puts families and the oceans at risk.

Take Action >> Tell your Representatives and Senators to support Safety and Fraud Enforcement for Seafood (SAFE Seafood) ACT to help fight seafood fraud and make seafood traceable from bait to plate.

How much bait and switch is happening with seafood? We wanted to find out, so we submitted 1,215 seafood samples for DNA testing. The results were shocking: One-third of those samples turned out to be mislabeled.

It's a scary fact. As a fish is handed over from fisherman to processing plants to suppliers to grocery stores and restaurants, there are a lot of opportunities for dishonest actors to swap out one fish for another. But you can take action.

Help fight seafood fraud and ensure the seafood sold in the U.S. is safe, legally-caught and honestly labeled. Tell your Representatives and Senators to cosponsor The SAFE Seafood Act today!

The SAFE Seafood Act, a bill recently introduced to both the House of Representatives and the Senate, fights seafood fraud by requiring that all seafood sold in the U.S. be traceable from bait to plate, standardizing seafood names, and keeping illegally caught fish out of our markets.

Seafood fraud can be dangerous to your health. One of the most alarming discoveries in our study was finding a tilefish - a species known for being high in mercury and dangerous for children and pregnant women to consume - labeled as red snapper and halibut.

And seafood fraud means that you could be funding illegal fishing. These fish might have been caught in a protected area for endangered sea turtles, or with illegal gear that destroys habitat and kills threatened wildlife. Without traceability, information following fish from bait to plate, you can't know the difference.

Tell your Representatives and Senators to protect our seas and our families by cosponsoring the SAFE Seafood Act (H.R. 1012/S. 520)!

It's time for the government to take action. No one should have to be afraid that their healthy fish choice might be hiding mercury, and illegal fish should never be sold in the U.S. markets.

We deserve safe and healthy fish, and safe and healthy oceans. Take action today to help fight seafood fraud so that you can feel safe feeding your family.

For the oceans,

Emily Fisher Oceana

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