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Posting an Image to the Garden In Harmony Message Board

We have chosen random pictures for you
to choose from to practice uploading to the board

Let's get started. To post an image, it must be on a web server connected to the internet. This is not the same as being on your local computer. In other words, you may need to sign up or get a host for a web page site before you can post images. Or perhaps, you already have a online photo album that will allow 'remote' links to the images. We can suggest the following free "on-line photo albums. They have their own tutorials on how to upload your image to their websites. You can also do a google search for "free on-line photo albums." Larry from the Garden in Harmony Board found the Kodak Easy Share Gallery the most user friendly. Your choice. 

  • Greatest Journal
  • Photo Bucket
  • Kodak Easy Share Gallery

NOTE: First you need an image from your digital camera, scanner etc. You can also copy/ the URL OR download pictures from the web but make sure it is not copyrighted first. The following information should work with most browsers.

Create a folder (subdirectory) on your hard disk to save your images (keep things organized). If you don't already have an image, find an image / animation on the internet (check for copyright notice!). In most browsers, you can move your pointer with mouse button over an image. Let's illustrate with the canna image on the left. With your pointer over the canna picture click your right mouse button. A menu will pop up. Then select 'properties' on the menu to view the URL of the image. Hold the right mouse button down and drag mouse (cursor) across URL inside the quotes till it is highlighted. We will get the address:

Hit control and c keys on your keyboard to copy the URL of the image to your computers clipboard. Now let's get on to posting to the Harmony Board.


Post New Message

1. Your Name:
2 Your E-Mail Address:
3. Subject:
4. Message:

If you'd like to include a link to another page with your message,
please provide both the URL address and the title of the page:

5. Optional Link URL:
6. Optional Link Title:

If you'd like to include an image (picture) with your message,
please provide the URL address of the image file:

7. Optional Image URL

8. If you'd like e-mail notification of responses, please check this box:


The form displayed here is the same as the one on the GHWN Board and is for instructional purposes only. It is not functional.

Fill in your information as normal if it is not already registered.

The #2 Your Email Address is optional.

Fill in the #3 Subject box with your subject title.

Type in your message in the # 4 message test box.

Now to upload your image to the board you want to put your mouse cursor in the
 #7 Optional Image Image URL text box.
Hit your control and v keys to paste the address of your image into the box. Alternately you can also type in the address of your image in the #7 box.  Now you will notice there is an http:// already in the box. Chances are the image URL that you have copied to the clipboard already has the http:// already in it. Please make sure you do not have two http:// in the box or it won't work.

  • Click once on the post message button and your message and image will appear on the board.
  • You can also click the preview message to see if everything is showing up.

Please use these these pictures here for practicing. Let's keep it interesting. Critique the pictures, talk about the subject. Something along those lines.

If you make a mistake don't worry. We can delete it for you.

Now don't be shy! Now Go to the
Garden in Harmony with Nature Board and give it a try.


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Update: 02/24/15

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