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The Pruning Book   by: Lee Reich

We get asked an abundance of all types of pruning questions from our visitors. We were pleased to find this excellent pruning manual to offer to you. It covers in depth pruning methods on hundreds of species from northern to tropical climates. From apples, almonds, blueberries, bananas, cherimoya,  clematis, gingkos, maples, pines, roses, sassafras, spruces, tomatoes to lilacs. This is by far one of the best books on this subject of pruning we have come across. It tells you precisely how to, why to and when to prune.

  • Fruit and nut tree, shrub and vine pruning, thinning, and rejuvenation. Fruit and nut tree rejuvenation, especially peach and apple, are by far some of the most asked questions at this website. The Pruning Book shows you exactly how to do this type of pruning for all tree and small fruit types.

  • Deciduous ornamental, shade, fruit, nut trees and shrubs

  • Clematis: covers all the various group requirements- They all do have very different techniques

  • Coniferous and broadleaf trees, shrubs and hedges.

  • Houseplants and Bonsai too!

  • Herbaceous Plants- General pruning and crown division techniques

  • Ornamental and fruiting vines

  • Palms and Bamboo!

  • Roses of all kinds

PruneTree.jpg (2131 bytes)The Pruning Book has wonderful illustrations and photos for all the techniques making it easy to see just what you need to do. Pruning to improve the health, size, beauty, quality, flowers and fruits of a plant.

  1. How and why to prune at planting time

  2. Maintenance pruning

  3. Pinching, heading and thinning

  4. Pruning to rejuvenate

  5. Pruning damaged and sick plants.

  6. Proper pruning and treatment of wounds- how to repair and retrain storm or otherwise damaged trees and shrubs.

  7. How to prune when diseases are present like fireblight and bark cankers

  8. Proper pruning to train your growing plant

  9. Pruning tools- which to use and how to care for them


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A definitive guide for all your pruning needs- this book will become a treasured garden companion

 PruningBook.jpg (10253 bytes)

Author, Lee Reich, has a doctorate in horticulture and writes for Fine Gardening, Kitchen Gardener, Horticulture and Organic Gardening.

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Hardbound- 234 pages
Full color photos, Black & white line drawings
Publisher: Taunton Press


Copyright Golden Harvest Organics LLC, 1997-2002
All rights reserved unless otherwise attributed

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