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Victor® Hobo Spider Trap is a pre-baited trap with a lock-tab tent to hide crawling insects from direct view. Venomous spiders are found throughout the entire U.S. With this poison-free venomous spider trap, you can minimize your family's exposure to bites from Black Widows, Hobo spiders, Yellow Sac spiders, and Brown Recluse Spiders. Each pack contains four poison free spider traps and comes with detailed information on these spiders, and requires no setting or baiting. Super easy to use and effective. Great for garages, sheds, closets and other places where poisonous spiders tend to gather. Please don't use these traps to get rid of beneficial spiders- they are an important part of the eco-system. If you find them in the house place them outside.

The effects of hobo spider bites are similar to those of the brown recluse spider. The actual bite is not always painful, but a small, hard area typically appears within 30 minutes, surrounded by an expanding red welt that may reach 5-15 cm in diameter. Blisters form within 15-35 hours, which eventually crust over the cratered wound. A scab can develop over necrotic tissue that eventually sloughs off. In some cases, tissue loss is so severe that surgical removal of damaged tissue and repair are needed. The fully developed lesion may reach 3 cm or more in diameter. Lesions may take several months to heal, and frequently leave a permanent scar.

The occurrence of systemic illness is variable. However, the most common symptom is a severe headache, sometimes occurring within 10 hours (sometimes ~30 minutes) that does not respond to aspirin. The headaches have been compared to migraines and may persist for a week, sometimes accompanied by nausea, weakness, fatigue, temporary loss of memory, and vision impairment. No deaths due to T. agrestis bites have been reported.

How do I use these traps?

The traps are used two ways by folding into a tent or folding trap lengthwise.. First thing to consider, when choosing which way to use the traps, is that when Hobo Spiders are stuck to the trap the spider is still alive and could bite something that comes in contact with it. With this in mind determine whether you are going to place the traps in places that are exposed to people or pets. If it is exposed, fold the traps as directed in the package and on the traps. This will reduce the chances of having a small child or pet getting stuck to the traps and then getting bit by the spider. You can certainly put the stuck spider out of it's misery too.

Placement of the traps are critical and will often determine how effective the traps will be. If you have a place that you frequent see Hobo Spiders traveling, place the traps in the common pathway of the spiders (usually next to the walls). Otherwise, place the traps in the corners of your rooms especially near windows and other known spider entrances to your home.

Are the traps poisonous or toxic?

No, the traps are just very sticky and naturally baited with pheromone scents to attract indoor spiders and other pests. Once stuck to the trap they can not get off and die, usually with in a day or two. Because of this, Hobo and Indoor Spider Traps make a good safe alternative to sprays and chemicals.


Indoor - Outdoor Victor Poison-Free Spider Trap


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You get 4 traps at 
$ 3.95 per package


They will catch and kill hobo, black widow, brown recluse, sac spiders and more. Non-toxic control for
poisonous spiders. Safe, easy to use. Last for 3 months


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Non-toxic to people, animals and birds




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