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Pest Pistol® : A Handy Duster & Applicator

Pest Pistol® is a powder applicator that is great for dusting cracks and crevices to large areas and may be used in the garden and home. Perfect for applying powders on your plants- indoors and out.

Each Pest Pistol® comes with:

  • 1- Bellows Bottom and Red Top
  • 1- Standard Extension tube
  • 1- Standard application tip
  • Also available is an optional 12 inch extension tube

You can dip the whole base or "bellows" into your powder to quickly fill it.

Crack and Crevice Application:
Tip it upside down using the standard plastic extension tube and applicator tip for  crack and crevice application. It will shoot up to 8 feet. One hand operation for light dusting!

  • Safe for dusting in and through electrical outlets- no danger of shock with the all plastic construction.

Large Area Application: 
Use it right side up without the applicator tip to for wide coverage in the garden, attic voids and drop ceilings. Pest Pistol
® has the ability to treat large areas through small openings. It comes in very handy to apply powders in the garden and can get into little nooks and crannies on plants so you can target the pest you are after!

  • Interior filter helps prevent clogging and if it does clog a sharp tap on the base will clear it.

Use with Diatomaceous Earth, pyrethrum powders, Garden Dust, boric acid powders etc.

Made entirely of life long plastic.

All the components fit neatly inside the bellows for storage.

For home, garden and
business use

Order Page:

Comes with complete instructions

Order Page:

$10.95 each

Case of 12:
$9.50 each

12 inch extension tube:
.95 each


Pest Pistol® is used by professionals all over the world


Never rusts and will not come apart during use!


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