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The New Northern Gardener
by: Jennifer Bennett

When we come across an exceptional book we like to make it available to you as is the case with The New Northern Gardener. A treasure trove of organic gardening know how. Not only is it helpful to gardeners in more challenging climates, it is a great reference book for you no matter where you garden! This book really covers it all:

  • Garden plans: vegetable and flower
    Zonemap, horticultural glossary

  • A chapter on soil amendment: fertilizers, compost, greenmanures, earthworms etc.
    Organic fertilizer and fresh manure analysis

  • Extensive seed starting section covering soil mixes, germination, sowing, greenhouse and more!

  • Plant sections are not just everyday varieties!
    Vegetables including: Jerusalem Artichoke, Malabar spinach, Mushrooms, Tampala, Garden Huckleberry
    Flowers including: Amaranth, Clematis, Fuschia, Lavatera, Summer bulbs, Tadescantia
    Herbs: Angelica, Catnip, Horseradish, Sweet Cicely
    Each plant entry has specific info like: culture, harvest, pests and disease.

  • Watering, mulching, weeding, insects, disease

  • Plant propagation: Layering, cutting, division

  • What to do in the fall: Clean up, vegetable, root and flower bulb storage. ColdFrame.jpg (5183 bytes)

  • Extending the growing season: Building coldframes, cloches, mulches





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An Organic Gardening
Classic Updated!

 NorthernGardener.jpg (12371 bytes)

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Paperbound- 256 pages
Full color photos, Black & white line drawings
Publisher: Firefly


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