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Mosquito Dunks: Biological Mosquito & Black Fly Control


*This product may not be shipped to California

Kills Mosquitoes before
they're old enough to bite!

Mosquito Dunks are a form of Bacillus thuringiensis v. israelensis in a solid form. As they float in the water where you put them they slowly release the BT on the water surface. The BT then gradually settles to the bottom where the mosquito larva eat it and die. Mosquito Dunks are 2 inches in diameter and 1/2 inch thick, with a small hole in the center. The Dunks float on top of the water and will be effective for approximately 30 days. Alternate wetting and drying will not reduce their effectiveness. The center hole can be used to anchor the dunks in place with a string or stake. Recommended application rates are 1/4 dunk for 1-5 square feet of water surface area and one dunk for 25-100 square feet of water surface area regardless of the water depth.

  • Mosquito dunks can even be used in areas that run wet and dry, such as areas prone to periodic flooding and they still remain effective!

  • 1 Dunk treats 100 square feet

  • Dunks can be staked or anchored in place to keep them from washing away. To use in moving water like a creek or slow moving river, you can anchor the dunk with a small string and weight to keep them in place.

  • BTI does not harm people, pets, birds, fish, or plants. Click here to read the EPA fact sheet and toxicity report for BTI

Mosquito Dunks can be used in many places where we find mosquito larva. Even a tree crotch that catches and holds water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes! You don't need to use the whole dunk for small places either- you can break off a small piece as needed.

Places where dunks can be used:
Bird Baths, flower pots, tree holes, old tires, rain barrels, roof gutters, watering troughs, water gardens, any areas that have standing water etc. They will not harm fish, plants or other aquatic life. They may be safely used in animal drinking water troughs and bowls that don't have the water changed frequently. If the water is changed every few days there is no need for the dunks.

Caution: Avoid contamination of feed and foodstuffs. Do not use dunks in finished, treated human drinking water sources.

  • Click here to read the EPA fact sheet and toxicity report for BTI

Pack of 6 sells for:
$11.95 each

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A single mosquito can breed
in one tablespoon of water
producing over 150 offspring.

Each Dunk kills
mosquito larvae for
30 days or more!


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Each pack contains:
6 Mosquito dunks

Kills Mosquitoes before
they're old enough to bite!

EPA Registration Number: 6218-47

EPA Establishment Number: 6218-MD-2


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