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Sketchpad Graphics: Looking for a cool logo or other graphic art needs? Sketchpad Graphics will create custom graphics successfully for your business or personal needs through client communication and collaboration. Professional design services for print & web media. It has been said, "Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon." Let owner and artist Kenneth Laas, Jr. create that perfect design for you.

Colorado Gardener Newsmagazine: Colorado Gardener provides their readers with the ideas, information, resources, inspiration and sense of humor needed to grow ornamental and edible plants successfully in our fast changing, unpredictable climate. They emphasize waterwise and environmentally sound practices. For those of us who garden in  the challenging Western climates this magazine is a treasure trove of information. Our staff here at Golden Harvest Organics loves Colorado Gardener so much we save our copies for reference and just the joy of reading some of the wonderful articles again. Do check out there website. If you are not in the distribution area you can subscribe for a nominal fee.

Loma Vista Farm: What a cool place to go to school! Founded in 1974, Loma Vista Farm has been making a difference in Vallejo and Solano County for more than three decades by providing school children with enhanced academic and hands on eco-literacy learning in a farm setting.  The Friends of Loma Vista Farm is a community-based nonprofit organization established in 2003. Be sure to visit the Greenhouse page with Rita's monthly tips. Along with the greenhouse the farm includes a one-acre organic garden, a kitchen, 100 livestock and poultry. They even have some resident peacocks to help with bug control.

Plant SwapPlantSwap: A gardening forum where members can trade plants and seeds and organize community swap meets.

Toronto Community Garden Network: The Toronto Community Garden Network (TCGN) is made up of interested and energetic individuals and Perth Dupont Community Garden: Visit this site to be learn about this gorgeous community garden founded by a multi-cultural group of gardeners with ethnic and lifestyle diversity. 

BL00364A.gif (2111 bytes) COMPOSTING

Why, How & What to Compost A composting infographic from Avant Garden Decor

Compost Guide - A complete guide to composting for the yard and garden.

Compost Resource Page: For the beginner to the experienced composter: help for all.

Master Composter: FAQs & Bulletin Board

NA00090A.gif (1743 bytes) ENVIRONMENT

Environmental Defense Fund:  Formed in 1967 to fight the use of DDT (remember that noxious stuff?) is still going and over 300,00 strong now! Check out their site to see what issues are at hand.

Earth Share: Non-profit organization Helping individuals and organizations care for our environment for more than 20 years. Check out their News and Media page.

Greenpeace: We all know who they are. Some say they go too far. We think they have tremendous fortitude as an organization to fight for what they think is right.

Truth in Labeling Campaign See what the latest truth in labeling topic is. This is a fascinating site. You will find things that shock you about additives in food.


Avant-Gardening/Creative Organic Gardening
 "You Can Grow" using organic gardening as a medium for creative expression, sustainable gardening, and personal growth. From permaculture to botany basics they cover it all. You never know what you will find here until you visit. This is a fantastic site!

Butterfly Website: Website is the world's oldest and largest website dedicated to butterflies and moths. Everything about butterflies and gardening! Perfect for the natural gardener and all aficionados of these lovely creatures!

Cyber Plantsman: GardenWeb's magazine for the serious gardener. Dispersing advice and knowledge. Nice searchable glossary of botanical terms.

Don't Panic Eat Organic: Information on organic gardening and links to organic resources. Lots of topics on GMO's and their dangers.

Farmers Almanac: Yep, the original, one and only Farmers Almanac. It's a true American classic. You just have to love it.

Flying This site is down right now. Will they return?

Garden Community: Over 250 business, trade and professional journals to choose from. Stay on the cutting edge of what's happening in your line of business. Plus Free News Group Access for many Garden Groups, Garden Zone finder, Books, Magazines, Articles, Free Pictures and more.

Garden Organic: An international membership organization located in the UK, researching and promoting organic horticulture and agriculture. It's for everyone if you would like to join.

Visit Links Organic for everything organic.Find an organic business. E source- Extensive listing of organic suppliers. Yes, we are listed there.

Plant For A Future: This searchable database can help you to decide which varieties to plant, and to discover edible, medicinal and household uses. They have an impressive database that we often use. You can now download a copy of the databae or get it on CD-Rom. The copyright on the site is way out dated bit the information is still gold.

Rain Barrel Guide - A guide to collecting rainwater for your lawn and garden. If nyou have questions about rain collecting methods- you will find the answers here!

Seed Starting: Well organized guide for flower, vegetable and herb seed starting.

Sonic Bloom: Interesting stuff about the effects of sound on germination and plant growth. It looks as though the site might be for sale. Take advantage of their information now while its' still there.

The Garden Guy: Organic gardening and backyard food production. Thoughts and outlook on gardening and life. Articles, stories and advice. This is a good site with a free email update to let you know when new articles are posted. They keep your sign up information confidential.


Biodynamic Homepage: Find out what biodynamics is all about! This organization is 75 years old. We highly recommend you pay them a visit.

Intergarden: This a simple site with loads contacts to learn about permaculture. Nice selection of archives.

Books1.wmf (3718 bytes) REFERENCE

USDA's Sustainable Agriculture Research: and Education (SARE) program: Check out the latest info on sustainable agriculture from the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN). On line books and a database of research projects.



(Organic, heirloom, open pollinated etc.)

EcoViva, Natural and Organic Products They spend their time searching out the best in organic and natural products, so you don't have to. Natural Cleaning, Body Care and Baby Care Products, Mineral-Rich Bath Salts, Virgin Coconut Oil, Water Filters and much more!

Johnny's Selected Seeds Operates their own organic farm in Albion for seed production. Nice selection. 11 varieties of heirloom tomatoes. Good service!

Pepper Joes: 100% organic pepper and tomato seeds! Home of the World Champion HOTTEST PEPPERS. If you have a query about hotn peppers they have the answer!

Redwood City Seed Co. Large selection of hot peppers and some unusual vegetables.

Potato Garden: They are merging Ronniger Potato Farm LLC with Milk Ranch Specialty Potatoes LLC, and forming one new company called Potato Garden. They grow and ship both garden size and farm size quantities of Colorado Certified Seed Potatoes. This is the place for gardeners, farmers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in potatoes. They also carry Planting Garlic, Jerusalem Artichokes, Onions, Shallots, and Real Salt. This is a trust worthy company.

Sun Organic Farm
Sun Organic sells certified organic food, organic fruit and organic nuts plus a whole lot more even pet food!

Wind Chimes 
The sound of the soul will come alive with the harmonic flow from their most popular wind chimes. Take home your very own outdoor wind chime today.
Prices vary from high end to reasonable.


American Rose Society: Everyone loves roses! Visit the pros! For only $10,their new four-month trial membership allows you to see just what they are all about. You’ll receive free advice from our Consulting Rosarians, experts who can answer any of your rose questions. You’ll enjoy two issues of American Rose,the only magazine devoted exclusively to roses and rose culture, and free access to our five quarterly bulletins.

Irises: Information and links for iris admirers.


Mother Nature's Garden: Wise Woman Center
O Box 64, Woodstock, NY 12498
Apprentice with Herbalist Susun Weed to learn how to garden in a totally unconventional way! Forget about fertilizers, pesticides, and seed packets - you will never want to "weed" your garden again. While living on a small goat farm on fifty acres of forestland, you will learn how to identify, harvest, and prepare edible and medicinal wild plants - commonly known as "weeds".  Apprenticeship includes attendance to weekend workshops, intensives, and private training. Write a letter of intention to address above and visit the website to learn more! Check out Susun Weed's article: Weeds In Your Garden? Bite Back!

Weed Photo Album

Weed Identification: Rutgers guide to weed ID. If you can't figure out what that weed is check here!


Visit Self sufficiency and preparedness for the 'Poor Man':  Low cost solutions for high cost essentials!

A Tribute To Nature:   Simply put...go see this site. Be  patient for the homepage to load, it is well worth the wait. This page was a delight to find!

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