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Ladybug Lures
Attracts ladybugs and other beneficial insects to yard and garden!

This product has been discontinued
by the manufacturer

What are ladybug lures?

They are disposable, biodegradable lures that you simply tie on to a plant where you want or need to attract ladybugs and other beneficial insects.

How do Ladybug Lures work?

The lures are scented with kairomone which simulates the natural odor of aphids. The kairomone attracts ladybugs, lacewings and other beneficial insects that like to dine on aphids and some other pests. Once they arrive they will get to work on naturally controlling many pests that can plague your yard and garden.

LBLure.jpg (2395 bytes)
Easy to use:
Just wrap lure around stem or branch pulling the end of the lure through the hole.


How long do they last?

The kairomone scented lures will last  from 2-3 weeks.

How many do I need?

One lure is sufficient for a 10'x20' garden. If insect problems are heavy you might want to locate an additional lure in the problem area.

Ladybug lures enhance the practice of companion planting and natural insect control even further!

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$ 6.49 each

  • We have used them for
    seasons and think they are wonderful!


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