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Got fungus gnats? 
Gnatrol® Biological Larvicide
New 16 ounce size!

Please Note: Gnatrol is not suitable for outdoor gnat control unless you can locate a very specific and small area where the gnats are breeding.

Pesky fungus gnats driving you crazy?

Get Gnatrol® a strain of Bacillus thuringiensis v. israelensis (BT's) that specifically controls the larva of fungus gnats and helps break the reproductive cycle to get rid of them!

What is Bacillus thuringiensis?

BT's are a biological pesticide that contain naturally occurring bacteria in different strains that target specific insects. BT's are not known to be toxic to animals, birds, humans, fish or beneficial insects. They do not persist in or contaminate the environment in any way. Gnatrol is required to have EPA warning and caution labels as is the requirement by law for ANY registered pesticide- whether they are considered acceptable for organic use, environmentally friendly or not.

How does Gnatrol work?

It is not effective against the adult fungus gnat. The gnats (which live for 7 days) lay their eggs in healthy soils and it takes the eggs approximately 4 days to reach the larval stage. It is the larva that causes damage via feeding on plant roots causing wilting and death. The larva eat the Gnatrol becoming infected with the bacteria and die! It may take 3 weekly applications to effectively control oncoming generations of gnats.

It is quite common to get new plants that have fungus gnat larva in the soil. New potting soil may often contain the larva. Gnatrol is the safe answer for these situations. We also recommend using blue colored sticky traps as a monitor to let you know when infestations are starting. You can also set out a jar of wine or cider vinegar to use as an indicator as the gnats will be attracted to the smell, dive in for a drink and drown.

Gnatrol can be used in greenhouses, homes or outside. May be used on all food crops, houseplants, seedlings; wherever you have a problem with fungus gnats!

Kept in a cool place Gnatrol will last for quite some time! However it cannot be allowed to freeze.

To find out more about the BT type pesticides and their safety click here to visit the Pesticide Management Education Program with Extonet's BT profile.


EPA Reg. 275-52
EPA Est.- 33762-1A

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Easy to use: Mix with water and apply as a soil drench or spray on breeding areas!

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Light infestations:
1-2 tsp/gal water
Heavy infestations:
4 tsp/gal water

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Available in:

  • 8 ounce: $8.00 each
    Makes up to 24 gallons