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Garden Dust- Multi-purpose Insecticide & Fungicide

What is Garden Dust?

It a multi-purpose insecticide fungicide made from basic copper sulfate, sulfur and pyrethrin.

What is Garden Dust used for?

  • It will treat diseases such as: powdery mildews, bacterial blights, downy mildew, early blights, fire blight, anthracnose, leaf spot diseases, brown rot, apple cedar rust, peach leaf curl, peach canker, stem blight, shothole, leafscorch, black rot, scabs and botrytis. Angular leaf spot, bacterial spot, septoria leaf spot and cercospora leaf spot on bean, beet, cucumber, squash, muskmelon, tomato, celery, pepper, onion, carrot, potato and sweet pea.

  • For insects it will treat: Works against aphids, leafhoppers, exposed thrips, cabbage worms, bean beetles, beet webworms, sod webworms, asparagus beetles, Japanese beetles, lygus bugs (plant bugs), plum curculio whiteflies, garden fleahoppers, harlequin bugs, oblique banded leaf rollers, stink bugs, celery leaftiers, melon worms, tortoise beetles, garden webworms, alfalfa webworms and mites. Colorado potato beetles, cucumber beetles, flea beetles, vegetable weevils, spittlebug, squash bugs (nymphs), squash vine borers, European corn borers (3-4 applications or more as eggs start to hatch and repeated at 5 to 7 day intervals). Tent caterpillar, diamond back moth, mealybug, pear psylla, rose chafer and more.

What plants can it be used on?

Vegetables, flowers, small fruits, shade, ornamental and fruit trees. Certain types of Vinifera and French hybrid grapes can be somewhat sensitive to copper sprays resulting in marginal leaf burn. A test spray is always recommended for them.

Is Garden Dust safe?

No two ways about it, Garden Dust is potent and you must be careful when applying it. It is considered an organic substance. You do not want to apply to food crops within one day of harvest. It is toxic to fish and other aquatic creatures. Having said that Garden Dust is extremely useful if insects and disease are not responding to other controls.

EPA Reg. 275-52

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Easy to use: Mix with water and apply as a spray at a rate of 1 tablespoon per gallon of water or use as is to dust plants.


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Available in:

  • 10 ounce  squeeze can: $11.95 ea

Garden Dust has a green tint to it so it will blend with foliage.



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