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20 cc Garden Syringe Applicator


Use the garden syringe for injecting Bacillus thuringiensis products, like Thuricide BTK, Boric Acid mixes, Pyrethrin Concentrate and nematodes directly into borer holes in trees, squash vines, corn stalks, shrubs, plants etc.
  • Use the garden syringe for applying a water and Diatomaceous Earth mixture into borer holes, cracks and crevices. Where ever you need it for precise application needs.
  • The garden syringe is a durable cylinder and plunger made of heavy duty plastic and comes with a replaceable needle. The needle has a plastic hub. The syringe and needle are reusable. They will last quite some time.
  • Useful for many liquid applications indoors and outdoors.


These syringes are for plant and insect use only.
They are not at all suitable for human use.

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20 cc syringe and needle
$ 3.95 each
Replacement Needles
$ .99 each



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