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C-Spray: 100% Kelp Powder

Oh! call us not weeds but flowers of the sea,
for lovely, and gay, and bright tinted we are!
Our blush is as deep as the rose of thy bowers, 
then call us not weeds, we are ocean's gay flowers. 
Not nursed like the plants of the summer parterre, 
whose gales are but sighs of an evening air.
Our exquisite, fragile and delicate forms are nurs'd by
the ocean, and rock'd by the storms.
Ann. XIX Century

  • C-Spray enhances photosynthesis via increasing a plants chlorophyll levels.

  • C-Spray also contains a complex range of biological stimulants, nutrients, and carbohydrates.

  • C-Spray contains trace amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulphur.  Natural minerals: zinc, iron, copper and manganese.

  • C-Spray is also excellent for pastureland. As little as a 5 gallons of water with C-Spray diluted at the 1/2 teaspoon of powder rate per gallon applied to one  acre can help improve the health of grazing animals significantly.

To date more than 60 different types of nutrients in seaweed have been confirmed. However C-Spray in itself is not a plant food, rather it is classified as a bio-stimulant.
Seaweed extracts contain natural plant growth regulators (PGR) which control the growth and structural development of plants. The major plant growth regulator are auxins, cytokinins, indoles and hormones. These PGRs present in seaweed are in very small quantities, generally measured in parts per million. It only takes a small amount of these to do the job.

The cytokinins in seaweed extracts are a major factor when applied to apple and peach trees in promoting the growth of fruiting spurs and reduce premature dropping of fruit.
Auxins (also hormones), occur in the roots and stems during cell division. They move to areas of cell elongation where they allow the walls of cells to stretch. Auxins actually give fruits and vegetables a naturally longer shelf life. This is known as delaying senescense: the deterioration of cells and tissues that results in rotting.

Using C-Spray With Golden Harvest Fertilizer
Golden Harvest does have just the right amount of seaweed extract in it to make it a very well balanced fertilizer. However the additional use of C-Spray as a foliar spray in between your regular fertilizer applications will further enhance the plants and soil with its unique properties. As with regular use of Golden Harvest the kelp powder will put all those valuable nutrients to work right away into the plant tissue and the rhizosphere.

As a combination fertilizer/supplement program you will get the best display and production from all your plants! The main reason we recommend using both treatments is from our own experience in seeing and tasting the results. You cant go wrong!

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Fruit trees that have received a foliar spray of C-Spray when they are just beginning to set their buds in early spring are often able to withstand frost damage to the buds.


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5 oz bag of C-Spray: $7.99

16 oz bag of C-Spray:

A 5 ounce bag makes:
240 gallons of kelp liquid at the rate of 1/4 teaspoon powder per gallon water.
A 16 oz bag makes:
768 gallons!

It keeps indefinitely!


Click here to read a more in depth article "Seaweed: Why is it so beneficial for plants? 

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