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This next picture was taken just 2 weeks later! The plant has grown quite a bit, has healthy foliage and sturdy stems. It is beginning to blossom and has even set one little tomato! The tomato plant is an extreme example of just how well mycorrhizae can benefit your plants. We have used it on houseplants, perennials, and trees- you name it, all with astounding results.


How do you use Mycorrhizae?

It comes in a easy to use powder form which you use to sprinkle on the roots of plants you are transplanting like vegetables, perennials, annuals, house plants, trees- you name it . It can be mixed into potting soil for seedlings, sprinkled underneath seeds that are directly planted into the soil or used on existing plants by poking or drilling holes into the root zone and sprinkling a little in the holes. After that the mycorrhizae will do the rest. You just feed and water as usual. You may find that mycorrhizae will help your plant make such efficient use of any fertilizer that you truly need to feed less!

Our Mycorrhizae contains:
Glomus clarum
G. intraradices
G. monosporus
G. agrigatum
G. mosseae
Gigaspora margarita


Endo/Ectomycorrhizae Root Inoculant
May be used at anytime the ground is not frozen!

What are mycorrhizae?

They are friendly fungi that will inhabit the roots of plants providing them with the ultimate conditions for root growth and the ability to take up water and nutrients from the soil. When you apply the mycorrhizae inoculant to plant roots and soil they will grow throughout the soil around the plant roots by extending their hyphae. These hyphae are able to extend into minute areas of the soil to take up and feed the plant roots precisely what they need from the soil.

What do mycorrhizae do for your plants?

Mycorrhizae are a natural way for a plant to sustain itself. Any stress that the plant encounters are offset by the benefits of the mycorrhizae. Some examples of these symbiotic relationships between the fungi and plant roots are in helping the plant withstand attacks of root knot nematodes, soil borne diseases- both fungal and bacterial, high winds, drought, salt in the soil, intense heat and more. We can’t say enough for all the good we have seen mycorrhizae do so we will show you.

In the first picture we have some tomato plants that were severely neglected. They had been left growing in 2-inch pots for weeks on end. They were extremely deficient in nutrients, proper light, infested with whiteflies etc. as you can see. We repotted some of them on 08/14/05 scoring the tangled rootballs and wetting them with Golden Harvest Fertilizer. The mycorrhizae were then sprinkled on the damp roots at the rate of 1/4 teaspoon per plant and they were repotted into larger containers. We use a mix of soil, plant-based compost and Coco Peat as the potting medium.


Can increase a plant's surface or "feeder" root mass up to 700%!

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Proven to help aspen trees resist black leaf spot disease!

Endo/Ectomycorrhizae Root Inoculant
comes in 2 sizes:

8 oz: $11.99 each
8 ounces is enough to treat 192 plants in 4" to 1 gallon containers, and to treat 48 trees (ornamental, shade and  & fruit), roses, shrubs etc. that are in larger containers!

4 oz trial size: $7.99

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  • Most all plants will benefit from endomychorrizae root inoculant with the exceptions of:
    Pecan trees, pines, oaks, blueberry, cranberry, laurel, rhododendron, and azaleas.

Shelf life of approximately 12 months. Store tightly sealed in bag and keep in a dark place.



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