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Terro Ant Killer Liquid Bait II


Terro Ant Bait consists of a mixture of boric acid and sugar in a liquid solution that attracts sweet eating ants. When ants carry the bait back to their nest, Terro will eliminate the entire colony.


Terro Ant bait must be placed in areas where the ants frequent. The ants will get the bait and take it back to the nest. Because the ants must get back to the nest with the bait for satisfactory control, Terro Ant Killer should not be used with insecticide sprays. These harsh chemicals may kill worker ants before they can get back to the nest with the bait. The ultimate results of Terro Ant BaitKiller may take several weeks.


  1. Tear off the bait pads.
  2. Fill center with liquid ant bait and place where ants are seen.
  3. Refill all bait pads daily or as needed.
  4. Discard all bait pads when ants are no longer seen

Terro Liquid Bait Ant Killer may be used in and around:
Homes, Hospitals, Restaurants, Apartments, Cafeterias, Warehouses, Storage Areas etc.

Caution: Bait must be placed in areas inaccessible to children and pets. Avoid contamination of feed and foodstuffs. A safe way to use Terro is to place the bait in an old margarine tub with a small hole for the ants to enter and take the bit. Seal tightly.


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The back section of Terro Ant Killer Liquid Bait II Ant Killer
carton has perforated squares to use as bait receptacles


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Each kit contains:
A 2 ounce bottle of bait
9 bait receptacles

Kit sells for: $4.49 each



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