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BT v. israelensis WDG Biological Larvicide


Fungus gnat larvae dont stand a chance.

BTI WDG (Water Dispersible Granule) biological larvicide offers the same effective control of fungus gnat larvae that growers expect from BTI Liquid, but with added product benefits.

  • Increased shelf life - now 2 years!

  • Ease of Use- BTI WDGs water dispersible granules make it much easier to measure and mix.

  • Much higher concentration; less product packaging to carry around and to dispose of.

  • Apply as a soil drench or add to the nutrient solution of your growing system.

  • Increased convenience and application accuracy

  • Easier to measure and won't leave a residue like the liquid formulation

  • Can be used on vegetables, bulb crops, bedding plants and a wide variety of ornamentals. Can be used up to the day of harvest on all edible plants.

  • BTI WDG works when the larva ingests the insecticide, protein subunits paralyze the fungus gnat larve, which stop feeding immediately and die usually within 24 hours.

Pesky fungus gnats driving you crazy?

Get BTI WDG that specifically controls the larva of fungus gnats and helps break the reproductive cycle to get rid of them!

What is Bacillus thuringiensis?

BT's are a biological pesticide that contain naturally occurring bacteria in different strains that target specific insects. BT's are not known to be toxic to animals, birds, humans, fish or beneficial insects. They do not persist in or contaminate the environment in any way. BT v. israelensis is required to have EPA warning and caution labels as is the requirement by law for ANY registered pesticide- whether they are considered acceptable for organic use, environmentally friendly or not.

How does BTI WDG work?

It is not effective against the adult fungus gnat. The gnats (which live for 7 days) lay their eggs in healthy soils and it takes the eggs approximately 4 days to reach the larval stage. It is the larva that causes damage via feeding on plant roots causing wilting and death. The larva eat the BTI becoming infected with the bacteria and die! It may take 3 weekly applications to effectively control oncoming generations of gnats.

It is quite common to get new plants that have fungus gnat larva in the soil. New potting soil may often contain the larva. BTI WDG is the safe answer for these situations. We also recommend using yellow or blue colored sticky traps as a monitor to let you know when infestations are starting and as a trap to catch the adults. Some say blue traps work better but the yellow traps work equally well in our experience. Laying the sticky traps in a horizontal position across the container rim will catch a lot more adults as they are more prone to land on a flat surface. You can also set out a jar of wine or cider vinegar to use as an indicator and trap as the gnats will be attracted to the smell, dive in for a drink and drown.

BTI WDG can be used in greenhouses, homes or outside. May be used on all food crops, houseplants, seedlings; wherever you have a problem with fungus gnats!


This is a DRY
granular formulation-
Just mix with water

4 oz jar:
$19.95 each


Read more about
Fungus Gnats here



Use 0.25 to 3.25 teaspoons
(0.9 to 7.3 grams) per
gallon of water depending
on severity of infestation.



Order yours today!


EPA Registration No.



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